P/C on ring and possible sale... 50 million?

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    I had this ring drop last night and was immediately offered 10 million.

    I searched the AH using IaS = 6, Crit = 4, and Crit dmg with no minimum. There was just over 1 page of results and the lowest starting bid was 50 million???

    I searched RMAH using the same criteria and 2 were listed with minimum bid of $100 and rest were around $200-$250???

    Most of these rings also didn't have a slot.

    I know it's a valuable ring, but I'm not sure how valuable. Help?
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    not to be a douche or anything, but when you search for items like that and you see some posted for some ludicrous price, check the time left on auction... if they have less than like 15 hours on them, they probably won't sell for that price... not saying you should undercut a metric butt ton.. but just because something is listed as 100 mil, doesn't mean it will ever sell.... TBH i just checked some similar rings and one of them sold while i was making this post, it was listed and then sold basically instantly cause i changed pages refined search and it said sold... was similar stats but had all resist, and 4.5% crit.. its listing price was 14.5 mil, hope this helps will selling it.
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