Barb Amulet, 216 STR, 45 PR, +360 LOH

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    Hey folks,

    I'm trying to sell a Barbarian amulet. This listing is a cross-post from my listing on the forums. I cannot provide a link due to these forum's restrictions, but you can find my listing by going to the Trade forum and searching for "wts barb amulet 360 loh" in the search box. You'll see Battlecrow#386 on top.

    216 Strength
    78 Int
    45 Poison resist
    346 Life on hit
    35% gold find

    Current offer stands at 1mil.

    I'm ending this sale tonight around 7:00pm Central time. If you wish to bid, please post here or on the thread and I'll update both. Thank you.
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    Edit: Nevermind, a friend just hooked me up with a really nice neck that he found while I was at work. Goodluck!
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    Is current bid still only 1mil?
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    Yes, no new bids.
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