Trading 1.3M WoW gold for D3 gold

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    I am looking to trade 1,300,000 WoW gold for Diablo3 gold. I am not sure what the ratio might be but I was thinking 300-500:1.

    So 1M WoW gold for 300-500M Diablo gold.

    I am on US Server: Hyjal Horde side
    My main character's name is Sham.
    You can find my Hyjal post here:

    If anyone is interested, please contact me either in game (WoW), via mail or post here. I require you to have Ventrillo to make the transfer easier.

    I will NOT trade to a level 1 character. If you do not have vent, I will not trade with you.

    Having 1.3M gold pre MoP might help with the upcoming Black Market AH a winning possibility. =)
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    Bump ^
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