WTS: Upgraded Gems (ex: Radiant Star Emerald)

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    In-game: LongBeach#1616

    Hi everyone, I am selling upgraded gems. Please contact me in game if you are interested!
    Listed below is what I am asking for, the prices can change, and I will provide current prices in chat.

    Flawless Star - 2.10M
    Perfect Star - 6.70M
    Radiant Star - 21.5M

    Flawless Star - 1.89M
    Perfect Star - 6.03M
    Radiant Star - 19.4M

    Flawless Star - 1.88M
    Perfect Star - 6.01M
    Radiant Star - 19.3M

    Flawless Star - 1.86M
    Perfect Star - 5.95M
    Radiant Star - 19.1M

    I also sell Perfect Square, Radiant Square, and Star grade gems. Cheers!
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    Additional note regarding ruby gems:

    For upgraded ruby gems, I will craft them to request because of slow demand. It will take a bit longer for ruby gems to be available for trade. I should have the other gems available at most times.
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