selling good full set of DH gear

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    WTS my DH gear

    DH is currently at 199k dps without sharpshooter, but is obviously sold without hellfire ring and also without gems
    has 1 head gem 2 wep gems (manticore) and 8 normal armor gems
    NOT using andariels visage
    24% movement speed

    stats without hellfire ring, gems and ANY passives (including steady shot and archery) nor buffs of any kind :
    2089 dext
    25103 hp
    1.77 attacks per second
    48% crit chance
    266% crit dmg
    55.33% dmg reduction from armor (3716)
    197 all res (highest res poison at 293)
    13.99 cc reduction
    1210 thorns dmg
    909 life per second
    125 hatred
    5.18 hatred per second
    35 disciplin
    1 discipline per second
    24% movement speed
    45% gold find
    63% magic find

    for an idea of what this looks like with gems, hellfire ring and passives click the link

    write offers in comments or contact me ingame
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    not sold yet, would be willing to trade for ap>average dmg barb gear
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    sold shoulders wep and pants
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