Selling infernal machine's and help with ubers

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    Hi there,

    My name is Marc.
    I'm a 160k+ unbuffed dps monk from The Netherlands.

    I'm selling Infernal Machines and help you with the uber bosses.
    We get 5 stacks, kill the warden and then all 3 ubers. I'll provide the portals.
    This will all happen on MP6 or MP6 depending on you dps.

    The costs are 6mil per player per run. Max 2 players at once.
    I'll invite another player from my friend list to speed things up.
    Payment finds place after we kill the warden. Before I open the portals.

    The fights will be broadcast live on stream at:

    You can check out my gear here:

    Kind regards,

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    Ok, gimme some input here guys. ^^

    Do you think this prices are too high. Or is there just no market for portals and help with ubers?
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    So , the prices are 500k per organ , if no organ is dropped the the money is returnet (thats how the guy i payed rolled) , and if you're posting on diablofans , you should go lower than the general price i believe.
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    Ok, thanks for the input.
    I dropped the price for help. 500k per organ it is.

    The price for the portals will stay the same. I must farm 3 keywardens for a portal so it'll cost me quite some time.
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    500k seems reasonable.
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    Ok, I changed the OP.
    I'm now selling the portal including my help instead of selling them separately.
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