WTExchange Ice Climbers (Dex)<->Ice Climbers (Str)

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    It's pretty neat, but I translate.

    76 STR, 175 DEX, 67 VIT
    38 ResPoison, 79 ResAll
    10% life, 163 armor
    Reduces 9% cold damage, aaaaand a socket.

    Pretty, pretty nice, but my main is a Barb, so I would be happier with 175 STR instead of DEX.

    I'm a hoarder and collector and someday, who knows, some monk can appear in my account so my first impulse is to keep it. And, looking at the AH, I could see that is a pretty rolled item. I don't want to fight the AH to squeeze the real value of this boots and then to sweat a river to find what I want without losing gold.

    Sooooo, if you have another pretty rolled Ice Climbers with STR shelved in your monk wardrobe, I'll be glad to trade.

    See you later!
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