S>Full Monk Gearset: [57K DPS|40K HP|765AR|0LOH] (B/o: 30m)

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    Yo guys,

    I'm selling my full monk set. I will NOT be splitting so please don't ask about splitting.

    The stats with scoundrel at paragon level 17 are:
    57k Unbuffed DPS (almost 100k fully buffed with Blazing Wrath and Faith in the Light)
    40k HP
    765 All Res
    42% Crit Chance
    318% Crit Dmg
    12472 HB Healing Bonus
    14 Yard Bonus Pickup Range

    Weapon choice
    This set features dual swords as monks benefit from faster attack speed (more knockbacks, more tornadoes = more dmg = monster dies faster = less dmg to you = more survivability - even more important if you have LOH or LS). However, gear with both attack speed and crit chance (and crit dmg) becomes ridiculously expensive and runs into hundreds of millions.

    Sustainability (0 LOH)
    I put 0 LOH in the title to show that LOH or LS is not mandatory for monks either, check out the videos below to see why (health globes!). If you watch the videos you see that I don't need any LOH or LS as my healing from Health Globes and Pickup Radius heals me for loads. However, the set does include an additional fist weapon with LOH and spirit regen to build up spirit when running between monster/elite packs. The LOH weapon was initially for dealing with difficult bosses but with the introduction of patch 1.0.4, it's no longer needed. Watch the videos that I link further down to see how effective this gear setup is.

    Gear in action
    I have uploaded a series of YouTube videos to show the gear in action, they're not the most interesting as they're unedited and they're basically me standing there killing things without much skill most of the time. If you can kill faster/more efficiently than me then this set is most likely not for you.

    Unfortunately I've not reached 10 posts here so I can't post direct links. Please check my channel (UltiX00) on YouTube or copy the links below.

    Videos with the gear:
    Here are the videos:
    Inferno Act 1 Butcher: youtu.be/HN0PHMSpPDU
    Inferno Act 2 Kulle: youtu.be/UtArceM2UhE
    Inferno Act 2 Belial: youtu.be/e8dFg04WlAQ
    Inferno Act 3 Ghom: youtu.be/odOY9Wg2HF8
    Inferno Act 3 Tower Farm + Cydaea + Azmodan: youtu.be/KVLk4BLF9aE
    Inferno Act 4 Diablo: youtu.be/SDWCRfJW6QU

    To reply:
    If interested, please post on the battlenet forums (I can't post links yet so here's the end of the link):

    To view the gear as an image, download the attached file.

    There are plenty of upgrade options for the set too so you can keep on improving on this set without spending too much over 10m.

    Not the best gear but it's good enough to roll through the whole of Inferno from Act 1 to 4 without dying more than 10 times assuming you know what you're doing half the time. (Monk doesn't require much skill tbh)

    Offers over 1m and under 50m are welcome (if I asked for anything over 50m I would just be scamming you, lol)

    Current bid: 12m
    Buyout price: 30m
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    Well, ill just bid 3m then
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    Ah I forgot to add that the current bid on the official forums is already 12m.
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    i only neeed the 2 swords whats the price for that
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    Sorry I'm not separating the set, you can find weapons like that for around 1-5m if you search around in AH.
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    Sold it for 25m! Mods can close this thread now.
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