[PriceCheck] Wizard: Slorak's Madness 964dps, +socket, 184int, 10%ias, critdmg +73%, cc chance of Energy Twister +6%

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    I found this earlier, can you give me a reasonable estimate of it ?
    Prefer Gold but might sell on RMAH if that's worth a lot.

    Legendary Wand

    392-861 dmg
    1.54 speed
    274-643 Lightning Damage

    184 INT
    +Increases attack speed by 10%
    +Critical Hit Damage increased by 73%
    +Increases critical hit chance of Energy Twister by 6%
    +This Wand find your death humorous
    +O (Open Socket)

    • Slorak
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    No estimate yet ? I thought that was good.
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    I had one drop the other day but also had 700ish loh too sold for 60million
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