WTS great-all around barbarian gear for act 3-4 farming

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    Please note that I accept only real money bids, since I no longer have any use for gold. Any transaction will be done through the RMAH in order to secure a safe and honest trade. I'd prefer to sell the whole set, but decent offers for individual pieces are OK with me.

    Greetings to you all fellow players!

    Due to personal reasons and lack of free time , and coupled with my dire need for money, I have decided to sell my items. My gear is DPS oriented without the need for a shield, optimized for speed farming of act 3 and 4 (mostly act 3). It is a balanced blend of offense and defence, boasting a healthy amount of DPS, LoH and defensive stats, making it possible to solo any boss in inferno in less that 16 seconds (all but Diablo). All, but the hardest of elite packs, pose no threat and die within the first 10-15 seconds of the encounter. It took me a great deal of time and money to obtain this gear, but unfortunately, I no longer have any use for it.

    Bellow you can find a photo album of my stats and items(Rallying Cry is up, as well as the enchantress armor buff - my spec uses Battle rage, but I don't have it up in the picture, my dps is 47500 with it). Please also note that I am playing only with one defensive passive (Tough as Nails), since I have no use for an additional one.


    If you require any additional info don't hesitate to contact me either here or ingame (Braindance#2304).

    Thank you for your time and bid away!
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    What a shame - profiles came up just a few hours after all my efforts to take those screenies ;s


    For your visual pleasure
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    Bump to the top
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    how much do you want for the gear?
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    Quote from darkstardeath

    how much do you want for the gear?

    300 $ total - aout 20.1 euros per piece. Does that sound OK to you mate?

    PS: I have to go for a few hours but I will be back later tonight if you want to discuss about it.
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    thats a bit steep.. there is a guy selling beter gear for 150 euros.. :/
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    Quote from darkstardeath

    thats a bit steep.. there is a guy selling beter gear for 150 euros.. :/

    Fair enough - he has more dps and hp, but you should notice that he has 3k (!) less armor than I do unbuffed making him quite fragile. Nonetheless if you are still interested add me Braindance#2304 and we could set up a deal.
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    Items are still for sale for anyone interested - price is debatable
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    1 ring sold - still looking for a buyer for the rest
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    Bump to the top - im looking to sell the gear till tomorrow and therefore I offer it at the price of 100 euros
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    Bump still looking to sell - willing to go lower than 100
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    Sorry no time left - I've put them all on the RMAH for logical prices, check them out if you want.

    I won't be checking back on this forum ever again, but to you, the ones that keep playing , I wish the best of luck and happy monster killing. It has been a great pleasure playing blizzard games for the last 8 years - I grew up with them.

    If you do buy something, know that your money doesn't go for shinny new iPhones and other luxury goods, but for my first rent in the US where I will be doing my PhD.

    Have a great day friends, and good luck with all your present and future endeavors!
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