Mace and amulet - no "high end"

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    Ok I'd like 2 price checks and i know that these won't sell for "a lot" but i'm still curious.


    70 Dex
    91 Vit
    39 Arcane Resistance
    49% Critdmg
    3% Crit

    Mace ( Demolisher):

    846,0 DPS
    89 Dex
    130 Vit
    100% Critdmg

    Ty in advance

    Damn, wrong section, i'm sorry. Could somebody please move this to trading? Ty.
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    those are pretty decent items. :) dont know the right prices, but usually searching from AH gives you what you need.
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    The mace is pretty good. Might be worth a million or two, but I'm not exactly sure. Searching the AH for similar weapons always works... but you have to under-cut the price if you want to sell fast.

    The amulet is harder to estimate. It has almost perfect stats for an arcane resist monk, but the crit chance is very low, and it's a very important stat for monks. It should be worth a few 100k for a monk that is gearing up, but you could try to sell it higher first.
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