Monk full pack DPS Tank - Upto 1k7dex 27k+dps 2k+Loh 900+res

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    Hello :)

    Very good monk.. literally unkillable ! can farm all acts np.

    He has few items that i switch for more loh. a neck and 2 weapons that you can see on the screen.

    there is 6 socket or 7 with the loh amulet so that's +300-350 stats in what you wish for vit or dex ! I personally prefer dex. If you get good gems its above 27 or 28k dps I think.

    With few gems or weapon switching you can reach easy 1k7+loh or 2K if you switch gems on weapon..

    He of course can clear and farm everything with eyes closed :thumbsup:

    Would like to sell as pack !

    Start = 5m

    FT not yet but give me some offer :)

    check out my other topic for more choice of weapons : http://forums.d2jsp....=63795119&f=176 Number #12 would be a great choice to add to this gear :) 876dps lifesteal and socket !

    Don't hesitate to pm me thanks.

    happy bidding
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