Crafting up to Radiant star amethyst (18% hp, 600 life on hit)

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    Crafting all gems up to Radiant star amethyst.

    The price for one full Radiant Star Amethyst is 17,9 million. The auction house prise is about 19.5 million at the moment. But with the cuts being 15% its actually brings in lower cash than the marginal cost.

    Perfect stars are about 6 million cash. But I dont have one of those in store atm.

    If you want to bring your own mats then a Radiant star Amethyst will need.
    1628 Tome of secrets
    729 flawless square amethyst.
    15.4 Million gold to upgrade all the gems with.
    1.1 Million in tip considering I spent 7 M for the recipies.
    15 minutes of mine time to convert all the gems since the crafting system is flawed atm.

    CaelumMan#2332 is my battletag. I'll be gone between the 15th and 22nd of july however. Else I'll be available plenty of hours per day.

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