WTS ilvl 63 unidentified items

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    Selling iLvl 63 unidentified items


    go to d3.maxprofit.se to see the full list of items. try to update it all the time

    also crafting 6props bracers your mats +140k if needed, can put up stream while doing it.
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    1-Hand Weapon Axe(Arch Axe) 3x 600k
    1-Hand Weapon Dagger(Darkblade) 2x 400k
    1-Hand Weapon Mace(Demolisher) 1x 600k
    1-Hand Weapon Mighty Weapon(Slayer, Barbarian) 1x 500k
    1-Hand Weapon Sword(Rune Sword) 5x 600k
    2-Hand Weapon Bow(Revenant Bow) 4x 600k
    2-Hand Weapon Crossbow(Hellion Crossbow) 1x 700k
    2-Hand Weapon Two-Handed Axe(Decapitator) 2x 400k
    2-Hand Weapon Two-Handed Mace(Doom Hammer) 3x 400k
    2-Hand Weapon Polearm(Dread Lance) 1x 400k
    2-Hand Weapon Staff(Sovereign Staff) 4x 400k
    2-Hand Weapon Two-Handed Sword(Warlord Sword) 1x 500k

    updated and lowered the prices!
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