unid ilv63 items rings, amulets, all!!!

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    Hi. Take your chance with gambling!

    A lot of items.

    Big discounts. Free items!

    Add me vjmap#2612

    ilvl 63 Armor:
    Chest (Archon Armor) 200k
    Shoulders (Archon Spaulders) 150k
    Helm (Archon Crown) 150k
    Pants (Archon Faulds) 200k
    Boots (Archon Greaves) 150k
    Belt (High Scabbard) 150k
    Gloves (Archon Gauntlets) 250k
    Bracers (Razorspikes) 150k

    Jewels Amulet and Rings
    ilvl 62 550k
    ilvl 61 450k
    ilvl 60 350k

    ilvl 63 Weapons:

    1 hand Axe (Arch Axe) 500k
    1 hand Spear (Centurion Spear) 500k
    1 hand Mace (Demolisher) 500k
    1 hand Dagger (Darkblade) 500k
    1 hand Sword (Rune Sword) 500k

    2 hand Axe (Decapitator) 200k
    2 hand Polearm (Dread Lance) 200k
    2 hand Staff (Sovereign Staff) 200k
    2 hand Mace (Doom Hammer) 200k
    2 hand Sword (Warlord Sword) 200k

    1 hand Barb Mighty Weapon (Slayer) 400k
    1 hand Monk Fist (Heaven Hand) 500k
    1 hand Wizard Wand (Desolator Wand) 450k
    1 hand WH Knife (Veil Piercer) 300k

    2 hand Crossbow (Hellion Crossbow)1.0 mil
    Bow (Revenant Bow) 700k
    1 hand Crossbow (Exorcist) 300k

    2 hand Barb Mighty Weapon (Titan Axe) 150k
    2 hand Monk Daibo (Guru Staff) 300k

    Shield (Sacred Shield) 300k

    Add me vjmap#2612
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    No at home atm but ill buy the 1h wiz wand
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    a lot of new 1 handers and amulets rings, xbows, bows, and more!!!
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    Sent a friend request.
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    Bought 5 items. Legit trader, even throws in some goodies (ilvl 63 boots/belts etc.).
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    new weapons, amulets
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    new amulet+ rings + 2hander xbows + some 1 h weapons
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