Promoting some RMAH items [High end]

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    If you disagree with my prices and think you can convince me with another deal (this includes item trade(monk main) and IGG) please do so per PM

    Thanks for your time!
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    LMFAO You wont sell anything all this crap ahaha
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    Quote from Smoort

    LMFAO You wont sell anything all this crap ahaha

    Thank you! i will make sure to make a note, and put it on my refrigerator.
    Actually, you know what, since you are so nice and sweet about it, i think i will devote my entire kitchen wall to this matter. THIS MUST NOT BE FORGOTTEN! The first thing i will do after finishing this post is to run down to the gas station, grab myself a set of pens and post-its in different shiny, oh so shiny colors! After this i will clean the wall(you wouldn't want any of the posts to fall of in the middle of the night you know).
    When the wall is all dry and free from dust, i will write "MY ITEMS ARE CRAP LMFAO !" One letter per post-it just to really get that feeling of utter importance =).

    This way, when i wake up in the morning, you know, with that feeling in the back of my head, that this day, might be kinda nice. (I love summer, i always have) I will probaly stick my head out the window, feel the fresh air and the warm but gentle sun touch my pale gamer-skin. BUT when i turn around, heading for the fridge to grab myself a scooby sandwich, what does my eyes fall upon? YES! The majestic fruit of this late evenings biblical work!
    This will not only shatter all the joy of life but also brutally kill my wish to go outside, because clearly the kids on the block will laugh at me for trying to sell this, this.. junk as if this was not enough i also try to sell it for rip-off prices of immense proportion. No, this will surely get me to realize my failures in life, get me to want to grab on to life(almost like a slightly offtracked saw metaphor), make something out of myself, and continiue my dream to one day, become a great architect, designing everything between floating skyscrapers and ergonomic bolts.

    This is why I, Felix, from the bottom of my heart, thank you Smoort, for your support and love!

    Or not.

    Get the fuck out of my thread...

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    16h left
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    Did u sell anything?
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    Quote from Smoort

    Did u sell anything?

    How could i possibly?

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    Rofl, would almost buy the items for the effort.
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    free push for the refrigerator notes :D
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    This is without a doubt the best post i've ever read on this forum :D

    Lets keep this on top :D
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    Amen to that :D
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    Where are the high end items? I see a bunch of trash
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    Good post, bad items.
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    Hahaha this is epic xD. LMK if anything sells ^^
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    Would you look at that.

    Guess who sold an item.
    (Doing the Russian Trepak dance)

    Thats right.

    Added 2 lensflares and a triple nuclear explosion to set the mood-bar to SERIOUS AS FUCK!
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    Someone bid the 10.5 eur on the 20 eur bo, Didn't kno that was the bid though ^^ gj!

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    Lol 100 euro for shitty low dps weapon with no crit dmg and no str/dex/int. Good luck sir, but I've gotta say, definitely your prices are retarded, if not you as well.
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    Upping that just for fun :))))
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    Very lollable, thanks for upping!
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