Pricecheck / WTS Wizard wand 767 DPS, 96% crit dmg, 291 int

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    Hi everyone, just found this wizard wand and was wondering if it is any worth (also selling it if anyone is interested)

    I know the dps are quite low but the stats are not rolled that bad
    tried to get a check via AH but since dps can offset stats rolled it was difficult to make a good judgment call :) (only item in the same dps range with comparable stats is 45 m and i doubt that this is worth so much...)

    rare wand
    wizard only
    1.4 APS
    767.2 DPS

    291 Int
    91 Vit
    96% crit dmg
    +10 arcane energy
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    Too bad about the deeps... but still nice stats... I'll give you 4 euro's for it on the rmah
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