WTS 2H Xbow - 1475 DPS, 116 dex, 24% IAS

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    1475 DPS, 116 dex, 24% IAS

    I'm about to re-roll to wiz so I consider selling my xbow.
    I will only sell if I will get a proper offer for it.

    There is no b/o yet. Current bids are 40M or 100eur.
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    Forgot to add, my BT is magerX#2734
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    While I was away I got 50M gold offer or 120eur offer.

    I hope to sell it tonight in order to buy new wiz gear but if I won't get the right offer I don't mind waiting...
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    If you can get like 70m for it you can pretty much deck out your wiz for awesome dmg atleast.
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    yepp, that's the plan.
    Though based on the AH/RMAH pricing I more inclined to wait to 80M-100M offer which seems fair based on what's out there.

    It is one of the highest DPS xbow in the AH/RMAH if you calculate overall dps/crit/dex. Even if you include the non realistically people who try to sell for 200M.
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