Pricecheck/WTS Quiver.

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    Hey guys, my Barbarian just dropped this:

    For those who can't speak italian, it's a Quiver
    +81 str
    +135 dex
    +68 int
    +14% attack speed
    +8% damage to Elemental Arrow (?)

    I've seen similar things going for ~3.000.000 on the AH.

    Is it going to be sold for that price? Or should I go lower? Or should I sell it on the RMAH, and for how much?

    Thanks in advance for your advices, if any :)
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    This certainly isn't a bad item. Due to the socket ... It just is lacking discipline ...

    And it's not because there are 2 on AH with 3 million buyout someone will pay that for it. I bought a better quiver from AH for way less
    But 1 million is what I would pay maximum for it, due to the lack of discipline
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