[PRICE CHECK] LoH Weapon 24% IAS Dagger

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    Hey guys any chance of a price check can't really find anything similar without a stupid BO.

    Dagger 1.87 AS

    751 DPS
    497 LoH
    50% increased crit damage
    24% Increase IAS
    140 Strength
    70 Dex

    Thanks in advance
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    I would say about 8-10m concidering the low dps and life on hit but the high IAS.
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    the ias is allready factored into the weapons dps, and since more attack speed does NOT increase the effect of loh its not worth more than most weapons in that range, id say 2-3 mil....BUT i am sure with a little bit of luck you can sell it for much more because a lot of people will think it is awesome :)

    also IAS will be nerfed at some point this month so i wouldn't want to risk that...

    If you use this weapon for dual wielding as a dps barb for instance dps is too low to justify 10 m (althought the ias would give you a very good overall dmg boost)
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    I think you could secure 5mil for it quite easily.
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