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WTB : Gold ((Genuinely))

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    Hi guys, I know this may be frowned on or whatever but I'm genuinely looking for someone to sell me some gold. I'm fed up of having an unplayable character because Auction House prices for the gear I need are so high.

    I would be willing to pay via PayPal (so both parties are secure and guaranteed should any problems arise).

    If you wanna talk leave your tag here and I'll message you :)

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    add me skype:
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    Don't use Skype, if you play Diablo you will have a battletag. I will not even consider buying unless I see a battletag. That's the first step to being genuine.

    Next if you have a level 0 char your also a fake and will have no gold.

    So please read what I've asked for.
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    Sadly, we do not allow trading with or of real cash, unless within the bounds of the RMAH when it is launched.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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