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    For too long we've been a closed clan, only open to those who want to be a part of our community to play Blizzard made games. And only two of them at that. It's time for us to open our doors, so to speak, to other means of gaming.

    The Council has been talking, and it's time to expand. From here on out, we will have a more community atmosphere. Those who register a forums name, and make an introduction, will be accepted and have a wider range of accessibility to our forums. We will still have a closed clan feel to the D3/D2 and Sc2 areas. We are gamers, and we want to connect with others in the gaming community and expand.

    Do you play a specific game and want others to try it out, or connect with them? Then we will make a sub-forum in our Video Games section for it. The time for us to be excluded and to exclude others is over. So, happy gaming!

    Recruiting for East Realm
    Also recruiting for Sc2 on both EU and NA servers

    Bod home Page

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