WW Barb - what am I doing wrong?

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    I'm trying to hone my ww barbarian into a farming machine and he's ok, but I can't really handle anything above Inferno MP 3. Gold is an issue (I only have about 600k)

    +2185 Strength (Total: 2399)
    +1185 Vitality (Total: 1330)
    +34% Crit (Dmg: 57358.6)
    21% Dmg reduction (Armor: 6742)

    68.4k Life
    120 Fury

    Bash (Instigation)
    Whirlwind (Hurricane)
    War Cry (Impunity)
    Battle Rage (Into the Fray)
    Sprint (Run like the Wind)
    Wrath of the Beserker (Thrive on Chaos)

    Boon of Bul-Kathos
    Weapons Master

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    View my profile for my gear...it's ok but not the best: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/DWCyberSec-1640/hero/6324595

    Thanks all :)
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    I guess for starters...I posted in the wrong forum - my apologies mods.
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    wow, you seem to have a very similar setup to mine but I have way higher stats, it looks like you might not be stacking enough crit hit damage, it might benefit to switch to 2 one handed weapons (or even just 1 one handed with a shield with good defence stats), personally I have the ancient bone saber of zumakis ( I think I spelled it wrong lol) with a radiant star emerald and echoing fury in my offhand and it kicks my damage up wayyyy high, you also might have to invest in finding gear more geared towards returning health oh hit/kill along with skills that do the same like rend with blood lust or the bloodthirst passive giving 3% of damage back to health, instead of warcry try using overpower with killing spree to increase your crit hits as it works well with battle rage with into the fray, I never found animosity or boon of bul-kathos to be useful to this type of build, try using 2 different ones that help you stay alive longer instead of your fury because with your skills your fury is going to regen at a crazy rate anyways and the wrath of the berserker will stay up as long as your using battle rage (and rend, since I use that a) a lot, personally I use bloodthirst and ruthless in place of the 2 you have, and im able to solo master V (or mp10 depending on if your on pc or not) hope this helped out a little
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    Get rid of that TERRIBLE weapon !
    Alternative for 2handers: Skorn (high str, high CD, socket, lifesteal?)
    Your overall CD is very low.
    get your CC over 50% , your CD to 10* CC
    Didn't check: google for barbarian WW breakpoints and add to your Attack Speed accordingly
    Use better (Str) gems
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