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    HI guys, im new to the forum here, im on the ps3 version and have been looking for a few things to built a weapon throw Barbarian, but in order to do that I need both an immortal kings belt with -5 weapon throw cost and a stone of Jordan with -5 weapon throw cost, I know they exist lol, its just hard to find I guess,
    I have a huge list of level 60 legendary gear up for trade , all I need is those 2 items and im good, and i'll trade you whatever you want out of this list of gear I have, im also looking for a decent skorn axe which can be a different trade all together, I also have a lot of high level gems if that would add to the deal as well, sorry for not posting all the stats with these items (its already a lot to type out just the names alone lol) but if you message me here or on the psn "Dan_dannunzio" -without quotations, i'll definitely tell you what the stats are of a specific item or show it in game

    my legendary list up for trade for the items I need (just tell me what you need or want)

    Arreat's Law x2
    Bastions Revered
    Blackguard x3
    Boneshatter x2
    Butchers Carver
    Devil Tounge
    Doombringer x2
    Echoing Fury
    Empyrean Messenger
    Faithful Memory x2
    Genzaniku x2
    Monster Hunter x3
    Odin's Son
    Pig Sticker
    Rabit Strike
    Scourge x2
    Skycutter x2
    Sledge of Athskeleng
    Standoff x3
    Sun Keeper
    The ancient bonesaber of zumakalis
    The Barber
    The Burning Axe of Sankis
    The Gavel Of Judgment x2
    The Sultan Of Blinding Sword x2
    The Zweihander x2
    Warmonger x2
    Wrath Of the Bone King

    Ivory Tower

    Chaingmail x3
    Goldskin x2
    Heart of iron
    Tyrael's Might

    Blind Faith
    Broken Crown
    Guardians forsight
    leorics crown

    Death Watch Mantle x2

    ik irons
    leorics guantlets
    Magefists x3

    Guardians deflector
    Gungdo Gear x2
    Promise of glory
    Slave Bonds
    Steady Strikers

    drakes amulet
    eye of etlich
    kymbos gold
    Squirts necklace x2
    The Star of Azkaranth x2
    Xephirian Amulet x2

    Ageless Might
    Angel Hair Band
    Dread Iron
    Goldwrap x2
    Guardians sheath
    ik Tribal Binding x2
    String of ears x2
    Tal Rashas Brace
    The Undisputed Champion

    Depth Diggers
    Hammer Jammers
    Swamp Land Wadders

    Blackthorns spurs x2
    Boj Anglers
    Fire Walkers
    The Crudest Boots x2
    Lut Socks

    eternal union x2
    Hierophants seal
    leorics signet x2
    nagelring x3
    obsidian ring of the zodiac
    puzzle ring
    stone of Jordan (+4% seismic slam crit chance)

    all of it was obtained legit, 95% is all level 60 gear
    like I said just make me an offer, all I need is a stone of Jordan with -5 weapon throw cost, a ik belt with -5 weapon throw cost, and im looking for a decent skorn axe

    psn - Dan_dannunzio
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