Parting Out Godly Demon Hunter 465k Unbuffed

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    Hi guys recently advertised my DH for sale but didn't quite reach the BIN price i was after so have decided to part out.

    I have one of the most powerful Poison/DPS amulets around for those Poison Monk's out there as well as top 5 item score Dex ring, can link all gear to any prospective buyers in game, i could do with some more EHP but then again i farm on mp10 so cant be to bad.

    My Profile:
    also video on my dprogress showing what you achieve with this gear.

    The price's on my Diablo Progress link are the reserves.

    I will only accept In Game Gold as i wish to build a new toon.

    add me here
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    Hmm. What will you build instead?
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