PC High dex ar bracers

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    Legion Right
    157 Armor
    +183 Dexterity
    +72 Vitality
    +34 Fire Resist
    +80 Resistance to All Elements
    Critical Hit Chance Increased by 3.0%
    Increased Gold and Health Pickup by 7 yards.
    the North Pacific Salmon
    ~And we'll march... along, with our blindfolds on
    And we'll ride... the rails, with our pistols drawn
    Can the Lord... above, forgive what we've done?
    Can we fight to save our souls?
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    with higher crit chance they would be really expensive (like 100m+)

    I think 10m-20m should be possible. You can try more, since they also have pickup radius which is somewhat rare.
    My monk Vin
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