Inferno Miscellany Sale

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    Hey everyone,
    Just clearing out some goodies I've not gotten around to giving to alts (or alts I haven't finished leveling >.>) and figured I'd throw some deals out there for some more intrepid dearies. Here's the gist- Make a reasonable offer and, if you're on top by 1:30 PM PST, it's yours. I'll be on quite frequently tomorrow, starting at around that 1:30 time and am glad to deliver things with a smile.

    All the goodies can be found at

    Thanks all.

    • d3july2
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    Bumping, over soon.
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    do you have any minimums set for each item that you'd be looking for?
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    Nope, just make a reasonable offer and I'll trundle it off to you when we're both online. Extending to 2:30 PM PST to see if more folks care lol.
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    I might be interested in #3 but it's hard for me to tell since I can't look at my gear right now (currently at work). If it doesn't sell by 2:30 maybe I could shoot you an offer once I am able to log in tonight when I get home. My battletag is Ballaz408#1271
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    Sounds good dude, added you. Bumping this in case anyone else needs something for a good price.
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    Still have these items.
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