Z's Leveling/Rush Service

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    *US Server only
    LEVELING NO LONGER CONSISTS OF THE ZK METHOD, IT HAS CHANGED DUE TO A HOTFIX. Exp is a little higher per run using the new method, but runs are a little bit longer (needs more testing to see exact time)

    Welcome to Z's L/R service.
    This service can help you level up your character from 1-60 in a few hours and push you into Inferno. If you don't want 1-60 in one go, just pay per experience run. Also offered is boss killing and Quest WayPoint services.

    Leveling runs give about 60k (Norm), 182k (NM), 473k (Hell) experience per X minutes of run time (including the time it takes to get the exp). Run times are dependent on how fast the levelers learn the system and efficiently take advantage of it (so, only stupid people will slow down your leveling). Leveling speed depends on how many people are in each leveling party (MAX 3). It is recommended that you level with friends, so no one leaves and slows down the exp for the group. The leveling system used is party dependent.

    • Post/private message your Battle Tag & the service you want done (ie. GrannyDiablo#1584, NM leveling, 40 runs).
    • I will add you as a friend once online with a message stating who I am and which service you requested.
    • After that, we level/boss kill/etc. :D

    = = = = = = = = =
    = = = = = = = = =
    • Leveling payments are to be made every 5 or 10 runs.*
    • Boss/WP payments are to be made upfront.
    • All payments are made as in game gold (iGG).
    • Groups of 3 levelers that sign up together get 20% off.
    • Players requesting full 1-60 service get 10% off.
    • Repeat customers get 5% off.*
    • Discounts are additive.*

    Leveling Service
    Level up your character
    (All progression bosses are free for those requesting the level service)

    - Normal

    - Nightmare

    - Hell
    -Discontinued temporarily-

    Boss Slaying Service
    Kill any Act's boss

    - Normal
    Act I: 5k
    Act II: 10k
    Act III: 15k
    Act IV: 20k

    - Nightmare
    Act I: 15k
    Act II: 25k
    Act III: 30k
    Act IV: 40k

    - Hell
    Act I: 35k
    Act II: 40k
    Act III: 50k
    Act IV: 75k

    Quest Waypoint Service
    Any Quest Waypoint given.*

    5k any WP; Norm, NM, Hell

    Final notes:
    • *Payments are made every 5 runs if I don't know you or if you purchase less than 20 runs.
    • *A "repeat customer" is defined as one who has requested at least 10 level gain (ie. 2-11) or 20+ runs on two or more separate characters.
    • *Waypoints to uncompleted quests stay available until you change quests.
    Happy gaming :)
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    Runs for today will start in about 5 hours (5PM PST). Be sure to bin a spot before then, so you don't get left waiting for runs.
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    Leveling method updated to coincide with Blizzard changes.

    Runs will continue using the new method.
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