WTS Hardcore Handleveling 1-60

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    As the title suggests, I would like to help you avoiding the boredom or pain of leveling up and doing the same stuff over and over again, while helping myself in financial terms.
    Most people hate leveling up new characters, since you have to go through the same stuff many times to get the desired end result. It’s quite the opposite for me.
    In Hardcore mode we have an additional twist in that you can't make a huge mistake, because you have one life only. So either you want to farm your own gear at maximum hardcore level without any risk (or simply waste of time) or you want to buy your own gear in hardmode to face the present and future challenges on a more serious level, I can help.


    As it was mentioned in the title, all work is made by me (I don't even know if you can level up hardcore chars with bots, personally I hate bots and botting) so the chances of you getting banned are 0, or at least if you get banned, that is not because of our business together.

    Price and Time

    As for the most important things: the price and the timeframe. I figured I have to undercut the prices of the advertising websites, since people logically trust them more than forum posters and can read feedbacks. Well I cannot provide you with such things yet, I'll do my best to change this ASAP.
    In addition I will lower the time frame in comparison with above mentioned sites to stay in competition.

    In numbers this means, since a full hardcore lvl 1-60 character costs 125 Euro.
    If you are in the process of leveling up but want to pass it on, that is also a possibility. If you contact me, we can probably work out something in proportion to my full price, compared to the similar service selling sites.
    At the moment I don't take on paragon leveling.

    What you get for this price :

    Roughly 200K gold, that is earned during the leveling phase.
    As a starting bonus, if you have no hardcore characters yet, I will get your full stash unlocked for free.( 420 K extra gold)
    Since this is handleveling, you will get all quests done in hell act 3, and as a starting bonus, in act 4 hell as well, so I will unlock inferno for free for the moment.

    As for timeframe, most of the providing websites will offer you 3 to 5 day delivery, but I offer you 2 day service for the moment. So in 2 days of me getting access to your account, you will have your HC character at lvl 60. Naturally this is a bit risky. Websites provide you the 3-5 days, because they calculate in the potential for mistake. In this case I will take risk by doing the service this way. If by any chance I fail to meet the agreed terms, meaning I die and I am delayed finishing your character, I will send back 20 Euros/ day I'm late.

    In addition, since I'm doing it by myself, I can deal with one character at a time, so there might be cases when I can start the leveling a few days later, meaning we delay the transaction to when I can start also.


    If you have another D3 account, feel free to check the progress of your new character. If you have only one account, I highly advise NOT to try to login during the leveling period, so we can avoid all the issues dual logins would provide.


    All payments will be done via Paypal. You will need to send me an e-mail from the e-mail that you use to login to Paypal. After I receive your e-mail I will send you the bill for the order stating terms and conditions. Once the payment is verified (which usually is instant), you will provide me with the information I need to start leveling your account (Email + password and a password reset).
    Important to note that I will NOT need your secret answer

    I understand that trusting a stranger with this much money, you probably have some doubts.
    In order to clear them, as contact information I provide my Skype here, or you can firstly contact me here, but afterwards I think when it comes down to trades like this it is better to have a conversation in Skype so I can answer any questions that may arise and we can get to know each other a bit so you can rest assured that you get what you are paying for.

    For both of our safety please before we start the leveling change your original password to one I can use, and DO NOT forget to change it back, so you protect yourself and I can protect my reputation.

    About Me

    My Name is Greg and I'm an average Hungarian guy, who works mostly from home, and love playing games. MY goal is to build up a decent reputation by providing high quality service, while making some money of course. If you are interested in anything else, you can ask it on Skype, I’m online almost all the time.
    Thank you for reading this kind of long advertisment and in advance for your trust if you choose me to provide you the above mentioned service.
    Please if you were satisfied with the service, provide some feedback here.

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