Mp10 Uber Runs service - Streamed

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    Doing mp10 Uber runs.

    5x prepared elites then the 3 portals.

    Your dps doesnt matter.

    Everything will be streamed here:

    Ps dont forget to check the GiveAways out!

    5m per slot and game, 3slots open

    Price Reduced by 1mill per machine you bring.

    0 machines = 5mill
    1 machine = 4mill
    2 machines = 3mill
    3 machines = 2mill

    Pack prices also availible!

    Example Pack Price : You and your Friends Bring 3 Machines together and pay 10mill in total.

    Just Add Me! Gibbem#2704

    Run will be handled by me on my barb:

    ~300k ub dps with soj
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