Unidentified Set Ring i62

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    I just sold a 62 unid set ring that I found and I want to know if I made a good deal. I got 12mil for it.
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    no... u didnt. The cheapest set ring atm is the wailing host with shitty stats.. and it cost 8 milions.
    The cheapest other set rings goes from 20 to 30 milions. ANd there is really big chance u get 100 milion quality set ring.. So again.. dont do that next time.
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    Yeah it was a terrible deal. The guy that bought it from me sold it for 50mil, it was a Natalya's Reflection.
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    I sold legendary amulet 62 unid for 1.7 mil, from the picture i saw it was the crappiest amulet that goes for 100k on ah
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