V 1.0-Papi's Crafting Service:Best in Europe!12 Recipes

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    BattleTag: PapiAlex#1718

    Stream Link:


    Recipes, Required Mats and Prices:


    Whats new in v 1.0 of Papi's Crafting Service?
    - spreadsheet is now even more organized
    - you can now see required mats and prices for every number of items you want to craft
    - promotions are now included in the prices
    - i now craft with my inventory empty OF MY MATS. This means that if you want, you can give me as many mats you want, and i will give you back all the unused ones!

    Opinios about Papi's Crafting Service:

    Fast and reliable.
    Crafted 10 legs, 10 chests with a live screen.
    Thanks :)

    Fast and smooth.
    Thanks :)

    Crafted some items for me with live stream.
    Don't go for Kongor,he's cheaper and as reliable as kong ;)

    Quote from "47960895012" »
    Trusted, fast and polite crafter.

    fast and reliable
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    come on guys lets do some craftin :)
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    im available for craft!
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    my fee is only 20k!
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    up we go with the craftin
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    up we go with the topci :)
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