Magic Find and its efficiency: A statistical insight

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    Hey, someone with gobs of money on the PTR want to, say, buy the mats and craft 2,000 belts? Eh? We could finally understand affix selection... probably.

    I think we would be better off with 4-affix, too, because it will be easier to get a sense of the appearance rate. Best would be 10,000 1-affix items, honestly.

    We would probably have to do some deduction to extrapolate it to other ilvls (like, if we determine that the affix type is rolled first, then rank, then value, then it's easy, but if it looks like the affix type and rank are rolled together such as Dex 10, Dex 9, Resist all 8, etc all competing simultaneously), then we'd have to worry about cases where there is no rank of certain affixes at certain levels. The indication of that would be that traits with less ranks have an otherwise inexplicably lower chance to be present.


    Edit: Actually, if we want to do 4-prop belts, I think I have the mats/money to make over 600 of them.

    BUT BUT... one complication is the presence of "bonus primary" stats on certain pieces. That is, Boots can have secondary dex like all armor, but it also gets primary dex, which increases the incidence of dex and makes it impossible to differentiate (without item code) whether it was primary or secondary dex affix. ... Bracers have no such bonus. Boots are dex, Gloves are Dex and Int, Pants are Vit, Shoulders and Belts are Str, Chests are Vit, Helms are Int. Nothing for bracers. Anyone wanna make a lot of bracers? I'll help.
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    I have 120 million gold right now and like 3300 essences + hundreds of tears stashed, I´m getting around 280essences/150tears/60tomes per act 3 run...

    I would, but error 12 says no :/


    Quote from "" »

    On the PTR currently, an item's level will determine its base DPS and armor stats, and the monster's level will determine the level of the affixes that roll on the item. There is an exception to this, though:

    If an item's level is higher than the monster's level, the affixes will roll at the item's level instead. We felt this was an important exception to make, because players farming Act I of Inferno without any Monster Power may still get ilevel 62 and 63 items from sub-63 monsters, and we want to make sure that those items are still good.

    Quote from "" »

    Just talked with the developers, and they confirmed that Legendary items, vendor items, and crafting items (from the Blacksmith) are not affected by this change. Legendary drops will have the same stats in 1.0.5 as they do currently in 1.0.4.

    The above text is from the most recent blue posts regarding item creation in the PTR. Do I understand it correctly that as soon as you activate "monster level", all gear drops will be able to get the highest affixes, the only difference will be the base stats of the item (dps, armor) based on its item level (58-63)?

    Also, this seems to confirm no changes in crafting, which I was wondering about (whether I should wait before I craft the next batch of gloves)...

    The only thing that´s unanswered yet is the boosted affixes on jewelry in PTR...that would be a heavy change if it stayed (I presume it won´t, or else all jewelry before 1.0.5 would become almost obsolete).
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    Well, I just read that I can recopy new characters weekly on the PTR. Not sure if that's true, but I'll craft my 600ish items and hope that I can reload and do it again next week. We'll see how far I can get.

    Waiting anxiously for news about 1.0.5 jewelry.

    Crafting in 1.0.5 so far as been unexciting. I have seen no level-63 affixes on any of the gear belts I crafted last night, so that seems unchanged.
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    whats your experience going from 200mf to 400mf is it worth it?
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    The chance for Legendary and set items to drop has been doubled
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    @ztking, I had just noticed that. Also tons of nerfs to Wizard proc rates, but they're less important. I'm looking forward to finally seeing brown and green text drop more often than once a month.
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    Quote from ztking

    The chance for Legendary and set items to drop has been doubled

    "And then we doubled it!"TM

    Anyhow, good change. Won't affect our charts at all (except for maybe section 6.3) and since we know it is doubled I am simply gonna assume that the base/nominal chance P(L_hit) goes from 1/2000 ---> 1/1000.

    I'm looking forward seeing green colored items rather than the stupid lore books I stumble upon now and then and get excited when I see the green color x)

    But i'm gonna wait with doing any changes before I know it will be there. It can still be reverted.
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    I must say I have been finding a lot of legendary items lately (not in PTR). I'm just doing the famous Alkaizer run (+ keep depths lvl 1 and 3 also) and finding a legendary like every 2 runs. Last week I had a legendary drop in 3 consecutive runs. And I'm only at 275 MF with switch and NV. So doubling the legendary drop rate will be insane, especially with the increased MF from monster level. They should have maybe just doubled it for set items compared to legendary items, but I think legendary item drop rate was pretty okay as it was. Or I might just have been on the lucky side for the last month. I think I have found about 3 set items and 25 legendaries on in total about 175 hours of in-game time.
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    _Depression and everyone else saying they get one legendary per month. Get max magic find, it´s as simple as that. Depending on how much I play, recently I get 0-3 (more like 0-2) legendaries per day with +403% MF in act 3 (bad rolled ones or straight up useless lower ilvl ones, but at least some drop, right?). I´m doing almost whole act runs in the order of keep 3, tower of the cursed -> azmodan, then tower of the damned->arreat 2, afterwards random areas depending on how I feel.

    In my opinion, they should revise the new legendaries/set items, some of the pre-set affixes on set stuff like IK´s boots roll differently (lower) than what is stated on the main site and on sites that datamine gear data and affixes, which makes the set items significantly worse than same ilvl legendaries.

    By the way, how long does usually PTR take before the actual patch comes out? I can´t play the PTR but make (MF) gear decisions with 1.0.5 in mind (like which item I switch after the 28% MF boost from my templar gets included in the 300 cap etc), just wanted to know an estimated time frame, a week from now? There´s apparently room for 20K players on the PTR and I don´t think they´ll "double" that so I probably won´t play it, at all.

    But yeah, I think boosting legendary drop rates is nice from our perspective as players, I mean for example with my almost 900 barb hours playtime I haven´t farmed one item for my character that I would call best item in slot or OK I won´t have to change this one in a loong time. That´s kind of funny plus such items cost hundreds of millions of gold, being accessible only to a handful of people who made huge profit in the earlier stages of the game with their DHs cough...or botted, or played the AH like pros or simply invested real money. Anyway, it´s not like I´m whining, I´m pretty happy with the current state (able to farm act 3 pretty nicely at max MF and all), but I´d be happier if I could farm at least one BIS item for my own character and not have to buy ít.

    Looking forward to 1.0.5.
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    Had three legendaries yesterday. Long dry spell before that.

    The other day in some legendary thread someone said: "Man, you guys must be lucky, I played since 5/15 and only 4 legendaries total." Look up his profile, he has like 3k elite kills. No surprise there. People get angry when you tell them that one can farm 1 Legendary/day or even 1/hour, although that's perfectly possible. I have neither the kill speed nor the MF to pull that off, but I know that there are people who can. Time played is a very bad measure, even elite kills is not very useful unless you supply the act and average MF.

    Anyways, that's hardly important. It's hard to estimate how long the PTR will be up. The last set of patch notes is very short, and mostly small bug fixes. That might be a good sign in terms of getting the patch soon. One also has to note that this itself is a test of the PTR concept. This patch would be fine without PTR as well, but they probably want the PTR to test PVP.

    Next tuesday might be too soon, but maybe the week after...
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    Nubtro, I might... but I'm self-gearing, so there's not exactly much I can do in terms of upgrading. I'm currently running a little under 200 MF with 5 NV, and in 1.0.5 I can run MP 2, so that's an extra 50 MF.

    As for the timeframe, I doubt it'll come out this coming Tuesday - probably the week after. They're just tweaking the numbers as of yesterday, which means they want to see the response from players over the weekend (which is, of course, primetime for playing). If everything is smooth, they might release on Tuesday, but I doubt it.
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    This is amazing data analysis! Thank you for taking the time to do this.
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    Taking into account the doubled drop rate of legendaries/set items, what does everyone expect to be the most efficient MP level to farm? Again, solely item farming (not keys/infernal plan). I assume the MF gain vs time loss in MP 9/10 will make it unviable.
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    Quote from Twerkulator

    Taking into account the doubled drop rate of legendaries/set items, what does everyone expect to be the most efficient MP level to farm? Again, solely item farming (not keys/infernal plan). I assume the MF gain vs time loss in MP 9/10 will make it unviable.

    The best MP level to farm at depends entirely on your character. What I'll do is that I'll gather data from at least a couple of runs per MP level and then count how many kills (not just elites) I can get per hour on that level. I'll do the highest MP level I can without reducing my kill speed too much compared to a lower level. So taking into account the 25% MF increase per level (and that I have a little less than 250% MF on my char after NV), I'll want to have a kill speed which is 90+% of the kill speed I have on the level below.

    If I'd have more MF, then I'd need more than 90% kill speed on a higher level. And if I'd have less MF, then I'd need less than 90% kill speed to go to a higher level. I don't really care about the extra exp that much so I don't factor that in.
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    I suggest you download a copy of the 'legendary drop rate calculator' excel file in the first post and use that to determine which monster level works best for you. What you do is fill in the MF you have at that monster level in the sheet, input your typical run (of which I guess you by now how many elites and how many trash mobs you encounter) and look at the average amount of legendaries dropped during this run. For my run, this is about 0.35 in patch 1.04. Then you just time how long you do over this run at every monster level and divide the average number of legendaries by that time to get the normalized value.

    My run takes about 40 minutes, delivering 0.35 legendaries on average, so I should have about 1 legendary dropped every 2 hours (every 3 runs), which is correct according to the amount of legendaries I'm getting. Last night 35 million IK gloves. Nice!
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    Just wondering if anyone did collect Key drop rates on the PTR as function of monster level. It has been confirmed hat the drop chance for a key scales with ML and is 100% at ML 10, but I'm wondering it it is scaled in 10% steps or if it scales in a similar way to how the mob health scales with ML.
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    There´s supposedly a PTR patch coming tonight that should fix error 12...but I´ve uninstalled it a few days ago without playing at all. Now I´m not sure if I should bother downloading it again (it takes long and often stops). It would be nice if someone who previously couldn´t play due to that error confirms that he can (when it´s fixed).

    On topic of what MP level will be ideal to farm, I believe it´s really subjective and depends on what you´re able to farm and at what speed. The best way is to write down stats from runs like 1. time 2. elites 3. exp 4. # of rares you pick up (differs from player to player).

    I´ve stopped picking up magic items altogether which cut my farming times significantly (less town portals, more WotB uptime, etc.). I still pickup rares ilvl 61-63 and rare jewelry though (also tomes and 3 flawless gems). Changed my farming routes as well, am not including barracks/fortified anymore, also don´t really like keep 1 anymore and often leaving out stonefront+skycrown.

    My current route is heart of sin/second heart quest: keep3->tower of the cursed til azmodan->tower of the damned til arreat crater 2, afterwards other areas in random order but always keep 2 and fields of slaughter, currently also doing battlefields, rakkis and arreat crater 1. Takes me like 50 minutes, the whole act would probably take around 75 minutes now, my best time was like 105 minutes when I was also picking up blues.

    Oh yeah, another thing to consider when it comes to farming efficiency, goblins. I hate(d) when those guys flee (hasn´t happened in a while now that I´m at like 124K damage with WotB up).

    Regarding legendaries, they still drop too rarely, meaning I run at max MF (+403%), play more than I ever did and find max 3 per day. Let´s see:
    26/9: 3
    27/9: 2
    28/9: 3
    29/9: 2
    30/9: 2
    1/10: 2
    2/10: 3
    3/10: 1
    4/10: 1 so far

    The only item that sold for more than 2 million were intelligence/health globe ice climbers for 24. Most stuff gets salvaged. I´ve crafted another 250 grand vambraces, nothing gamebreaking there. I love my compass rose though, perfect roll (4.5 crit, 9 ias) that nobody wanted, I threw out almost all of my gold at that time (99 million) for it (was minimum bid), I´m just attached to this ring :)

    Hopefully 1.0.5 comes soon, I feel I´m kind of stuck. No miraculous 50+ million drops anywhere, improvements cost a lot of gold and I just can´t get up there (130 M was the maximum I ever had but I like to spend it). What´s positive is that I´m kind of leveling up nicely (paragon 63 now) and thus being able to swap my MF gear for slightly better stuff.

    EDIT: for reference, here´s my total 1.0.4 stats

    +231% -> +403% MF

    elite: 21502 -> 28393 (+ 6 891)
    lifetime: 441492 -> 616976 (+ 175 484)
    gold: 37781596 -> 60660873 (+ 22 879 277)
    legendaries: 31

    +403% MF

    elite: 28393 -> 35714 (+ 7 321)
    lifetime: 616976 -> 796499 (+ 179 523)
    gold: 60660873 -> 90404203 (+ 29 743 330)
    legendaries: 39

    EDIT 2: hahahaha OK my perfectly rolled compass rose won´t be that special anymore...oh well

    Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Affixes on items will now roll their level based on the level of the monster killed (rather than the item's level) This now applies to random affixes on Legendary items

    ...anyway, do you guys have any ideas what the level 63 affixes on jewelry are? Mostly concerned about critical hit chance and damage, what´s the new max?
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    Quote from Nubtro

    ...anyway, do you guys have any ideas what the level 63 affixes on jewelry are? Mostly concerned about critical hit chance and damage, what´s the new max?

    From what I've read that others have posted the new maxes are 5/50 and 10/100 for CC/CD on rings and amulets respectively, and max MF on rings will be 20.
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    ring is 6% 9% 50% and amulet is 10% 9% 100%
    for crit chance / IAS / crit damage

    Right now I'm at 2/6 key drops with mlvl 5.

    Edit: took me 9 games to gather 3 keys and the recipe. Hinting towards 50% drop chance, but statistics is poor.
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    Quote from Nubtro

    There´s supposedly a PTR patch coming tonight that should fix error 12...but I´ve uninstalled it a few days ago without playing at all. Now I´m not sure if I should bother downloading it again (it takes long and often stops). It would be nice if someone who previously couldn´t play due to that error confirms that he can (when it´s fixed).


    Interesting, you have to create a new char to copy chars, which removes this new char. Oh well, Blizzard logic.

    Edit: For key rate analysis:

    Act 1:
    MP 1 -> no key,
    MP 2 -> no key, no key,
    MP 3 -> no key,
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