What to craft next?

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    Here are my crafts:


    My amulet is good but isnt a craft but i dont need gold that hard.
    My shoulders are really good i think and i have just good bracers.
    Dunno what to tell about my gloves.
    My question is what craft is more possible to give me better stats and what next?

    You can also see my profile here: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/thesickaleon-2230/hero/18165923

    i would really like to listen to your opinions about crafts
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    Amulet, or maybe bracers. Definitely not shoulders, and gloves are also quite good. Have a look at INVIS' 13000 crafts thread, and you'll see that even if you craft thousands more items you might not get an upgrade, you actually got some nice 4 items there. So yeah... amulet is what I would craft, but be prepared for many many many many wasted materials...
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    Amulet no doubt.
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    i have already crafted tons of amulets :(
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    I would say gloves since you can afford losing the all res on gloves.

    btw. You realy farm with 0% movementspeed and just rely on sprint?
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    It won't be as easy to upgrade that neck as many here seem to think. You already have 3 out of the 4 possible damage modifiers (CC, CD, average damage, attack speed) and the ones you have are more or less at max possible value. You also have 172 str on it (including socket), which is quite close to the base str from a crafted neck. I estimate that you would need to craft several thousand necks to upgrade the dps compared to the current one.

    It's probably best to craft vit shoulders, even though the chance of upgrading your current ones is small. But vit shoulders are definately the way to go, since you can get 100 more base stats compared to str shoulders.
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