Leoric's Signet Farming

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    I felt like farming for Leoric's Signet one day, 20-30 hours later (I don't really keep track of time well), 24 legendaries have dropped, but no signet. I guess I like pain because I keep going, but the one thing that is starting to eat at me is that 8 See No Evils have dropped (that's 33%).

    I suppose I have bad RNG luck. A bad random walk some smart math dude would say. It just seems there is something more to it though, I'm not sure what. It seems rings drop less in general, and that for me to get a legendary ring, a ring must be 'rolled'. I thought I read this somewhere...

    I farm a2, normal mp10, with max MF. I start in VotA, then sewers, cistern, oasis and waterways.

    What's your experience? Any thoughts to what's going on behind the curtain?
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    Some legendaries are more common than others for one. But yes, first a ring drop must be rolled, and then there is the quality roll which determines whether it is legendary, rare, or magical. If you want to be statistical about it, count all your drops, then count how many of those drops are rings, and then count how many of those rings are magical, rare, or legendary. Once you get a sizable sample size you may be able to determine the drop rate. Either way good luck on getting your leorics signet.
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    I definitely had balance drop for me three times in a row, then see no evil twice. I gave up looking for leoric's after the 8th hour total. I used max mf, VotA to Oasis using a vaulting/strafe DH. Runs were fast, but the drop rate is terrible. I found one legendary ring, but it was a manald heal...
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    I also gave it a shot but was so bored that I stopped after a while.

    If the drop rate wasn't horribly low, the rings wouldn't be > 20 million on the AH...
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    I tried it but i eventually stopped trying ;P
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    Quote from rupj

    I felt like farming for Leoric's Signet one day, 20-30 hours later (I don't really keep track of time well), 24 legendaries have dropped, but no signet.

    If you had farmed Inferno act 3 MP0, you would most likely have gotten enough gold from just gold pile drops to just buy a Leoric on the AH. Not to mention a lot of ilvl 60+ legendaries (even if most of those are brimstones) that you could have sold on the AH. Plus 100-200 million XP. You should rethink your farming strategy.....
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    I farmed for the signet as well. I farmed a couple hours each day for weeks and have nothing to show for it. I used my monk, snagged some cheap spirit regen equipment so I could Tempest Rush nonstop. Definitely made for fast farming. I was able to complete my route in 6-8 minutes. My route was: Sewers of Caldeum >> Black Canyon Mines ( Just the area close to the WP ) >> Khasim Outpost ( Head directly east over the bridge ) >> Dahlgur Oasis ( Forgotten Ruins). I had my checkpoint saved right outside the Forgotten Ruins in Dahlgur Oasis. Once entering the game I would port to town, get my stacks, head to the Dahlgur Oasis WP, use my map to find the Forgotten Ruins and then clear the Forgotten Ruins. Hopefully I was able to explain that well enough. Fairly quick run and supposedly many people have found their ring with this route. Unfortunately, I wasn't one of them.. go figure.

    [][][] My wife on the other hand saw me farming for the ring and decided that she was going to give it a try on her wizard. 10 minutes later ( literally... TEN MINUTES into her FIRST run!! ) she had the ring drop. She found it in the Vault of the Assassin off a random white monster. [][][]

    This is the video/guide I used :: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biDBaMfD2AM
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    is it really worth farming for signet? as far as money vs time spent doing it, you're better off AH flipping
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    I've been farming the damn thing all weekend. Think I'm just gonna spend the 20 mil and go back to act 3 inferno farming.
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    Hope you guys moved all your Leoric's Signet as the huge buff in xp % from 1.07 will make Leoric's as useful as the Paragon implementation made MF gear.

    They really need to buff Hellfire to compensate...
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