Character flinching from projectile damage

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    I play a HoTA+Rend build on my barbarian specifically with a two-hander, so its essential that I get my rends in to keep myself alive. This works very fluidly even If I feel like playing on mp8 or higher.

    The issue im having rises when a bunch of small squishy mobs (~15) get a surround on you and somehow become permanently paralyzed, even more irritating is when a large pack of those spearguys from act3 start throwing crap at you and this happens again. Its like my character FLINCHES over and over again from taking damage which first of all cancels all my abilities for seconds and doesnt seem to have a cooldown so ten of these stuns can queue up and you end up dead. I would like to mention that im not running some glasscannon setup, my hp is at about 90k and resistances are somewhere around 600.

    I could see the mobs doing ten times more damage and killing you on the spot, but this is just seemingly annoying. Ive installed softwares that allow me to press for example my key2 twenty times in a second by pressing the button itself once, so im absolutely sure im getting permastunned and not having some latency issues.

    Could anyone explain what the process is behind this and why its only implemented into this game? I feel like drowning myself every time this happens and have to ventilate.

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    havnt done any experimenting outside regular experience but i believe the issue is aps(attacks per second) and it works something like hit recovery in d2 thats why you might feel it more using a 2hander
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    Isn't it the dodge or the get hit animation?
    It's quite annoying.
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    Quote from ot4ku

    Isn't it the dodge or the get hit animation?
    It's quite annoying.

    Initially I thought that it was dodging, but then I remembered that Ive been casting town portal and then dodged something without getting interrupted so it cant be the same thing. This is another reason why I simply do not understand why the whole flinching mechanic is part of the game if you have no control over it. Why add something that is basically already is there.
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    Patch 1.0.7 is going to fix this. Its killed my barb a number of times as well.

    Players should no longer play a flinching animation (causing them to briefly lose control of their character) if they are hit by multiple monsters at the same time
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