Hero Helper - Windows 8 DPS/EHP Calculator

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    Hero Helper is an app for Diablo 3. Easily view your Battle.Net profiles in a touch friendly view! Want to see the details of each item? Simply click on the item name and a tool tip will popup just like the website!

    That's not all Hero Helper can do. Click on any of your heroes items and 'modify' the stats. Hit equip and see the difference! (This won't actually modify the stats)
    Think you messed up an item? Just hit the reset button for that item and the item stats will be restored.

    You can now easily view the Damage Per Second (DPS) and Effective Hit Points (EHP) for all of your characters in a simple to use touch friendly application.

    This will enable you to make smarter purchases in the Auction House so you don't waste your gold!

    Hero Helper is no way endorsed or affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment

    • Shows the EHP and DPS of your character
    • Compare the effects of different items by simply tapping an Item
    • View your Battle.Net Heroes
    • Easily view Item details by clicking on the Item Name
    • View detailed stats of your character
    • View simple skill information of your character

    This app is of course free an open source. You can visit my Github page to view the full source code. If you would like to contribute, you are of course more than welcome to. If you find any issues or have suggestions, please add them to the issue tracker or post them here.


    -2H Weapons no longer crash app.
    -Updated Barbarian Passive 'Weapon Master'

    -Fixed DPS calclulations
    -Weapons now show stats correctly in "item compare" popup
    -Socket stats are now included in "item compare" popup
    -% values should now be entered as %'s not decimals
    -Battletag and Region text is now aligned with their text boxes

    -Initial Release
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