Skill dmg - what is the formula?

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    Hi there!

    I tried to find a similar topic, but I didn't find one. I'm greatly sorry if this question has already been answered.

    Here goes:

    Skill "A" deals 15% of weapon dmg.

    So... How do you calculate that? Is CritDmg,CritChance, Dual, or whatever wield, calculated? Is IAS?

    Because from my understanding - it should be - 15%*(the raw dmg of the weapon)*dex. If that is the case, many weapons that give high DPS (crit dmg + sock) will give less actual dmg to the spells (and ... DPS)

    Why my question? I am trying to figure out when will my sweeping wind deal more DMG - with my usual 2 weapons, many crit, many IAS combo, OR, 1 doom hammer with 1880 max dmg and with no crit dmg. Of course - this goes not only for sweeping wind, but my wonderings came from there.

    Thank you for your time, and sorry 1 more time!

    Have a great week!
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    Base Damage =
    (weapon damage range + bonus damage from gear)
    × bonus from primary attribute
    × other class bonuses from skills.

    Ability Damage =
    Base Damage (as above)
    × % Weapon Damage listed on the ability.

    Critical hit chance and Critical hit damage and Attack speed apply to the dps of an ability (assuming it can critically hit), but attack speed on weapon(s) doesn't.

    edit: come to think about, for some abilites attack speed behaves differently, especially those that tick. There are AS breakpoints and inbwetween them there's no dps difference from AS alone. Also weapon IAS does play a role for those abilities.
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    There won't be a cut and dry answer to this because some abilities take advantage of IAS and can crit while others don't. If you do a little searching on the internet, someone put together a proc list of each ability and that will tell you if it can crit, trigger loh and things like that, and whether it takes advantage of IAS or not.
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    There's a topic about proc coefficients right here:
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    I see... This has to be tested out.
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    read this


    have fun

    note that skill tooltips are not reliable, each skill has to be tested in the game but basic rule of thumb is that the tooltip only states skill damage at 1.00 aps. Some skills scale with aps, some don´t. Some skill damage is split into more than one damage tick (hit).

    I´m not familiar with Monks but if you want, buy the lowest possible dps white weapon without elemental damage you can find, equip a ring or amulet with +min damage and use sweeping wind - tell me how much damage it does each hit (tick) and I´ll tell you if and how it scales with aps.

    Example get a 6-8 damage weapon with a +24 min damage amulet and write down your dexterity...get rid of all other items with +min/max damage and adds +x% to elemental damage...then use sweeping wind on some zombies in act 1 and tell me your damage.
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    Didn't read the full linked text ^^
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    For abilities that can crit, the approximate average damage is

    Char Sheet DPS * Weapon DPS % / APS

    If you have 100k dps, 2 attacks per second, and are using an ability that hits for 200% weapon damage, it will do 100k*2.0/2 = 100k damage a hit on average.

    As others said, abilities that do some damage over some time are not so straightforward. If a spell does damage OVER x seconds, the amount of damage is fixed so you do approximately Char Sheet DPS * Weapon DPS % / APS / x damage per second, or divide that by 2 to get damage displayed per tic (tics display every 0.5s).

    I don't really know how spells that do damage FOR x seconds work because my wizard spells don't do that, but Nubtro probably does because the barb sprint thingy is worded that way, if I recall correctly.
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    Well, the tooltips are the confusing part here, because there´s no way to know if something´s a true damage over time (aps doesn´t matter) like Rend or whether tick frequency depends on the aps like Sprint RLTW or channeling skills like Whirlwind or DH skills Strafe and Rapid Fire.

    Wicked Wind scales with aps by the way. There´s some posts in my WW/RLTW topic about it, people did similar tests like I did for WW/RLTW.

    The difference should be clearly visible if you do 2 tests with a big aps gap between the weapons. The exact breakpoints have to be calculated, I just need the damage per tick of the skill. I don´t have a lv.60 Wizard nor Monk and don´t plan to, so I won´t be able to test their skill mechanics.
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    The difference is in the tooltip, there's Damage OVER x seconds and Damage FOR x seconds. The WW tooltip says Damage OVER x seconds and the amount of damage done is independent off attack speed, though the LoH returns is affected, which makes it very odd and difficult to model with shocking aspect. From what little I read about the WW sprint barbs, the twister dropped from whatever that ability is actually does more damage at higher attack speeds, because it is worded as Damage FOR x seconds.

    I think the difference is the FOR tooltip has a certain DPS done that is impacted by APS. The OVER tooltip skills always do the same amount of damage per cast so that with higher APS you get more tics, but the tics do less damage.

    But as I said, i'm not familiar with barbs or other classes so I'm not completely sure how the FOR tooltips work. I just remember looking at the barb ability and seeing FOR.

    Oh, I found a wizard skill that says FOR: Hydra. And as wizards should know, the Hydra DPS scales with IAS.
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    Crusader DPS and EHP Spreadsheet, meant for Crusaders
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    Read this
    You cast SW with all the buffs active and the high dps 2H equipped (crit damage on it doesn't matter) and then swap to your 1H MH+OH combo.
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