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    Quote from Rasva

    Quote from Easlista

    I noticed that you only get 0.1% crit chance instead of 10% with the demon hunter passive archery when you equip a 1 handed crossbow.

    and thank you for this nice tool.

    Yup, you still get only 0.1% crit chance (should be 10%) when equipping Hand Crossbow. That was only bug I noticed. Keep up the good work!

    Also DH passive skill Steady Aim should add Damage increased by skills by 20%.

    (Oops, misclick.)
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    Steady Aim is conditional: no monster closer that 10 yards = 20% bonus to dmg. I plan to add a pannel to damage to show the actual dps depending on the hero situation (eg: is the monster an elites, a deamons, a beast ?).

    But I'll fix the Archery talent with the next release.
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    Huge update tonight :

    Features & Corrections:
    - Prevent item tooltips from spanning outside the window.
    - Improve DPS calculation
    - Add missing legendary affix "Movement Speed" on "Mighty Belt"
    - Better management of widget focus for easier keyboard navigation
    - Fix Blur Wizzard passive skill to apply only on melee damage.
    - Fix Archery DH passive effect when a Hand-Crossbow is equiped.
    - Add a button to exchange weapons when dual-wielding.
    - Add a display for life pool without having to toggle details.
    - Correct a typo in gem affix.

    Know issues:
    - The DPS displayed on item tooltip and hero sheet can be a little bit off when using weapon with a % to damage.
    - When using item with X-Y damage like rings, amulets, mojos and sources the final DPS can be off by as much as 500dps (depenping on how much primary stat you have). Those damage bonus seems to be treated in a weird way by the game that I don't understand fully. I need to carry further tests since I can't find a reliable source

    Hope you enjoy it guys !
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    btw i finally found out why my dps and attack speed was off!
    ... focused mind <--- Enchantress aura
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    Quote from yojobadmojo

    btw i finally found out why my dps and attack speed was off!
    ... focused mind <--- Enchantress aura

    Glad you worked it out :)

    On a side note I have update d3jutsu so you can input your paragon level in it and it will be used to compute the MF and GF stats.

    I'm busy adding profile import (from battle.net) and share currently. I hope to upload that next week end. It take time since I have to move from a purely client-side application to a full fledged python&django-powered site.
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    I'm currently moving and I don't have a reliable internet connection. The situation may return back to normal in the next two weeks.

    I hope.

    French web access provider are not known for their celerity into migrating internet plan...

    On the other hand this allow me to focus on improving d3jutsu (importation, online storage and sharing, image for forum signature etc...) while enjoying the sun of the french riviera :)

    Cheers guys, see you soon.
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    My barbarian's using 1h and a shield, when I replace the 1h with a 2h the shield doesn't auto unequip, and I can't click on the shield anymore. The shield is just stuck on my barbarian.
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    Seems good but would be great to have an import button to import directly with your battletag.
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    this is something i would definately use
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    I am very greatful for this. Thank you!
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    Hey, I've put all my information in, and it's very close to my numbers but off a little bit.

    It says my dps is 51087.09, while my dps in game says 52236.03. The calculator also says I have 1.63 attacks per second, and that my axe does 1333.0 dps; whereas in game, I do 1.66 attacks per second, and my axe does 1132.9dps. I have double and triple checked my values, I'm not missing any attack speed and my axe damage and aps are also correct.
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    been using this for the past couple weeks to find upgrades and I must say STELLAR overall job, but like everyone else, would LOVE the ability to import heroes directly from a battletag.
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    hey, would you be able to update this for 1.05? stuff like how a certain monk passive's dex only adds 50% to armor instead of 100%
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    In what language did you program this?

    Just HTML and JavaScript or did you use some sort of fancy stuff? I want to make something similar to what you've made, so the more intel the better haha.

    Also are you gonna make this open source? Like post it on Git Hub or something?
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    Yes, 1.05 updates would be much appreciated!
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    Still a great calc. Thanks for making and updating this OP.
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    Hi there !

    After almost 3 month I've managed to get the time and motivation to come back to d3jutsu.

    As I've moved quite far away the moving took a lottle bit more time than expected and the french ISP aren't exactly in a hurry to move your land line to your new home. It took them 2 month to do it. Also I've a new job that is far more demanding than the previous :(

    So, here the plan :

    I need to catch up with the thing Blizzard introduced in Diablo 3 during my leave. Update the application to the new mechanism and adding the missing affixes.

    I also consider making the code available so people may be able fork/re-use/ or even contribute to it... They may well simply laugh at my pitiful coding skills. I just need to figure out which licence I should use and clean up a bit my code.

    That's all folks.
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    Nice to have you back! I've used this a lot so I really want to thank you for making this calculator.
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