[PROJECT] PTR Opportunity - Affix Research

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    Hey all,

    PTR is our zero-cost chance to learn about affixes.

    Anything you do there is free since you can't transfer anything back. What I'm wanting is pretty simple. If you're willing, please do the following:

    Craft as many of something as possible (rare-quality only please)
    -- preferably the same thing that someone else is crafting. Post your intention here and let's collaborate
    -- less affixes is better because it will be more clear (4-prop is best)

    Take a screenshot of every item you craft and put all of its stats into a big excel sheet.

    Link the sheet here.

    I'll be starting this tonight. I am going to start with 4-prop bracers. Bracers are unique because other armor types get the chance to roll the primary rank of at least 1 primary stat (belts can roll primary strength, pants can roll primary vit, etc). I'm going to stick with Bracers for now so that the whole primary vs secondary thing doesn't muddy the water, but we will probably want some datapoints on things that DO get a primary primary (sorry, they share the same name) so we can see how that affects it.

    I will aggregate all the data and see what conclusions can be drawn.

    Here's an example of someone who has done this previously with 6-prop belts:

    I recommend keeping all the screenshots and typing the stats in later because it makes it easier to log them and if there is a a suspicious entry later we can go back and confirm (which means it will be very useful to write down which screenshot it is as you log that item).

    Any questions?

    I think I have enough mats for ~600 bracers, so I'll be doing that first. And then disenchanting them and doing what I can with the remainder. Will anyone else do the same with me?
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    hm..i think you can even copy your chars again and again by swapping regions..not sure though..

    on topic: good idea..i will try to craft some tomorrow
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    hm ok, just did some crafting (~350 4-prop bracers) and now i'm filling out this spreadsheet..is there any other (quicker) way to translate the stats of the items into the sheet?
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    Quote from gosant

    hm ok, just did some crafting (~350 4-prop bracers) and now i'm filling out this spreadsheet..is there any other (quicker) way to translate the stats of the items into the sheet?

    Not that I know of, unfortunately :( There's been some work on OCR, but I don't think it's working yet.
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    hm ok..i will send you a link via pm..question is: what kind of conclusions do you expect?

    looking at all the crafts i've done on the ptr, it seems like crafting will be even less rewarding, since you can only craft ilvl 62 stuff and therefore you don't have access to 63 affixes..

    well, i hope my data helps you a bit..out of materials for now!
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    *deleted* ....
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    Hey ztking. How many bracers would I be able to craft with 7.5 million gold (the current amount I have now)? And do you want the stats like the example in the 'belt stats' google doc?

    About the time it takes to fill it in all the stats in excel: I could generate a template google doc where you just fill in the 4 affixes like e.g. "str 60 allres 54 healthglobe 4500 thorns 1430", and that it parses this automatically filling in the values in the appropriate columns. I did the same thing for the number of affixes on rare research. As long as you agree on short names for the different affixes (like hg for healthglobes), you can enter all the data pretty fast.

    Let me know if you still need some data and help!
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    1 craft costs 30k (game guide) plus 14 essences, 3 tears and 4 tomes of secret.
    7500/30 = 250 crafts, probably less if you have to buy some of the 3250 essences.

    Apprentice Leather Cuffs (ilvl10) or Resplendent Armbands (ilvl 58) could be interesting, too. Both are magic with just 2 stats (and both can be seen in the name) and crafting costs are negligible (500-1100 gold including materials). The first one has a limited choice of affixes and might reveal some general concept, the second one is close to inferno-stats.
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    Downloaded the PTR client yesterday, just to fool around a bit with the monster level and the key masters (killed one at monster level 10; 52 million hp). But tonight I can craft some bracers. Just let me know which type you want! I also thought, that I can just sell all my equipment on the PTR (don't know if there are many buyers on the PTR) to be able to craft more stuff.
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    I can confirm that different allowed affixes have a different frequency, but the dataset is too small to extract specific numbers. When there are multiple affixes with the same stat, high-level affixes seem to be preferred in my dataset.

    I crafted 57 apprentice leather cuffs (ilvl 10). They can get 6 different prefix stats with 10 affixes and 5 different suffix stats with 1 affix each.

    Prefix distribution with "Name (affixlevel, min-max value): number":
    Gold 1 (6, 5-10): 12
    MF 1 (1, 2-5): 4
    MF 2 (6, 6-10): 4
    GoldPickupRadius 1 (1, 2-2): 4
    Experience 1 (1, 1-2): 3
    Experience 2 (5, 3-4): 2
    Experience 3 (9, 5-6): 14
    HealthGlobeBonus 1 (4, 2-29): 1
    HealthGlobeBonus 2 (10, 30-48): 12
    Regen 1 (1, 1-2): 1

    Suffix distribution:
    Str 1 Secondary (5, 1-5): 7
    Str 1 Secondary (5, 1-5): 15
    Str 1 Secondary (5, 1-5): 14
    Str 1 Secondary (5, 1-5): 10
    Thorns 1 (5, 1-1): 11

    The lower number of str-crafts is reasonable (but not significant), as there is just one char with str as main stat.
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    Thanks! I still need to aggregate what info we have. I got side tracked and haven't had a chance to do this yet. I was hoping for several thousand data points and it looks like we'll end up with just a few hundred, so the results won't be as robust as I was hoping.
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