ERR37 - The D3 All-In-One Calculator (v0.4c)

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    Hey there Fans of Diablo!

    As some people roaming the official DH forums might have seen already there is a project running to create the ultimate user-friendly D3 calculator. We have named this calculator in honor of our good friend: ERR37.

    It is currently very much a work in progress, slowly building it up piece by piece. But we are getting there, having most basic implementations in there. These currently include:
    • Basic damage calculation for Demon Hunter ( including archery, sharpshooter and steady aim )
    • Adding items to a character, building them up stat by stat ( not all stats implemented yet )
    • Saving and Loading of characters
    • A seperated calcuator from the main application, allowing us to develop a Silverlight and possible a Mono for Android version in the future
    --ANOTHER UPDATE, v0.4c released!!!!--

    You can download the latest version here by clicking this shiny yellow link!

    Changes that include in this version:
    • a. Fixed saving issue
    • b. Fixed calculation error
    • c. Fixed IAS from the Enchantress not working
    • Passive Skill damage modifiers implemented for all classes
    • Follower Buff support, for when you run with your Scoundrel or Enchantress
    • Dual Wield support
    • Better error handling
    • Should you run into an exception, you have the option to send us a report of the error.
      This report includes data from the application namely:
      The exception message.
      Stacktrace of the exception.
      Character data that you were working with.
      Possible extra notes that the user would give us about what he was doing.
    • A lot of UI changes, though minor, that should make handling the application easier
    • We have an icon!
    Known issues of 0.4:
    • You will be unable to load in save files from 0.3 without manually editing the save file! If you want to do this you can do the following:
    • Open the .e37 save file with notepad
      Find the line where it says
      "$type": "System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection`1[[DataContracts.Items.Item, DataContracts]], mscorlib",

      and change it with:
      "$type": "System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection`1[[DataContracts.Items.IItem, DataContracts]], mscorlib",

      next for every item you wear you need to change every line where it says
      "$type": "DataContracts.Items.Item, DataContracts",

      to this
      "$type": "DataContracts.Items.Armor, DataContracts",

      Save the file and you should now be able to load it just fine in 0.4+.
    • You can select any weapon as your dual wield target.
    • You are not limited to 3 passive skills for your character
    • Entering a % value for stats that use % the value turns into x.xx format whilst non % values do not.
    • Character class and weapon type combobox lists are not localized yet and show enum values instead more human readable strings.
    As always, should you have a suggestion or want to manually report an issue post it here.


    You can find our project, and the source for it aswell, over at our Google Code page. You are very much free to grab the source and mess around with it. Even better if you wish to contribute to the project, we are always on the lookout for help from other devs.

    The project is currently maintained by:
    • Nensec
    • pdluke
    • Dretar, our math genius
    • Cronos
    For a bit of technical information:
    The application is written in C#. The current front end of the application is done in WPF. The Calculator itself is a class library with a Portable Class Library to communicate in between. This iwll allow us to add Silverlight and Mono for Android, any other .net front end to the calculator using the same code. The WPF client is using the Caliburn.Micro framework in conjuction with Ninject.
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    An ambitious and fantastic project, I wish you and all behind it good luck!

    ERR37 <-- Genius.
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    Why not make it purely online? that way it will work from iOS and WP as well :o

    Anyways I like <3
    (I'm one of those scumbags of the internet who loves open source, and helpful shit but I never contribute <3)
    Quote from name="Bashiok" »

    End game solutions
    We recognize that the item hunt is just not enough for a long-term sustainable end-game. There are still tons of people playing every day and week, and playing a lot, but eventually they're going to run out of stuff to do (if they haven't already). Killing enemies and finding items is a lot of fun, and we think we have a lot of the systems surrounding that right, or at least on the right path with a few corrections and tweaks. But honestly Diablo III is not World of Warcraft.
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    Quote from Rainbowdash
    Why not make it purely online? that way it will work from iOS and WP as well

    The online version will be done through Silverlight. The reason for this is simply because neither of us two project starters ( me and pdluke ) are Obj-C devs but we are both C# devs. We realise this will exclude iOS from the the possible targets, for now. However because Silverlight -is- supported on Mac OS atleast that will in the nearby future be supported.

    If we can find a developer that has knowledge of Obj-C then we will not hesitate to take on the prospect of making this fully mac compatible
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    We have a bunch of issues sorted in v0.3, with just one nagging one left. We hope to rectify that issue today and hopefully push v0.3 out tonight. This version will include basic support for all classes and a bunch of UI fixes
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    Best luck to you guys on finishing that calculator. It shall become and important asset of the forums here!

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    We do hope it to become the thing to turn to when looking for item upgrades. That is why user friendlyness is our main goal : )
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    Rare species and gentlemen, I would like to have a moment of your time please.

    We are pleased to announce our release of version 0.3, which will pave the way for 0.4; a version scheduled to bring the difference.

    You can get it by clicking this shiny long link

    The release notes for v0.3 are as follows:
    • The basic implementation for all classes have been put in. This does not include passive of active skills just yet, it will only calculate the damage from your gear alone. While we realise this is not perfect yet, it will help people identify upgrades at least.
    • Various UI fixes and improvements
    • Stability gain obtained
    • Saving and Loading of character sheets has been improved
    Our current plan is to release v0.4 in multiple parts.
    This means that v0.4 will include the core improvements to the application. v0.4.1 will be released shortly after and will include all active and passive skills of a class, if this is not in the core v0.4 yet, which it probably will. If that is the case then v0.4.1 will be a different class. The same goes for v0.4.2 etc until all classes have their skills included.

    It will take time for us to implement such amount of data, hence we choose for this segmented release. We realise this might dissapoint people who are playing class numero 5 and wish to use our calculator, we can only apologize. Time is limited for us too : )

    As always, if you find any issues or wish to make suggestions please do so on our issues page on google code. It helps us keep track of it and allows other players from different sources than D3Fans to chip in!
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    Just want to say that this seems to an awesome dps calculation program for Diablo3, thumbs up to the crew that developed this.

    I got a problem with it tho, i copy pasted the text that i wrote on your issues page.

    What steps will reproduce the problem?
    1.Everytime i hit the "Calculate" button

    What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
    To get this fixed as soon as possible, i just downloaded it from the website that was posted on the forums,

    What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
    v0.3 in Windows7 64-bit

    Please provide any additional information below.
    When i hit "Calculate" i get this error message:

    Something went wrong! It would help us a lot of you note down the following exception you got and let us know in our forum thread.

    An exception has occurred in the case of an activation.)

    Greetings from Lopie, Sweden
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    I went through it quickly before heading off to bed and my guess is that your weapon has not got a minimum and/or maxmimum damage attached to it.

    In v0.4 we will have better error handling to allow us for better bug tracking.

    Thanks for your report, though there is no need to copy over the error onto the thread here. We check the issue page often enough and will spot your problem when we start working on it again. : )
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    I've used too the issue page. I'm the wizard one's... i'm sure that i put the right items stats and no one of my skills upgrade's my damage

    Anyway i only wanted to tell you guy's , go on! I really like it and all we need something like this working fine (i don't like excels)

    This is my first post here but i read a lot on the site and i wanted to tell you guy's : THANKS for your work

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    Ruilo, please save your character ( if you have not already ) and attach the save file to the issue post on our tracker. It will make it much easier for us to track down why you are getting this result : )
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    Quote from Nensec

    I went through it quickly before heading off to bed and my guess is that your weapon has not got a minimum and/or maxmimum damage attached to it.

    In v0.4 we will have better error handling to allow us for better bug tracking.

    Thanks for your report, though there is no need to copy over the error onto the thread here. We check the issue page often enough and will spot your problem when we start working on it again. : )

    It works just fine now after i put in some min/max damage on my weapon, didn't saw that :D
    Thanks for the fast answer!
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    No problem. Our aim is user-friendlyness and that includes providing swift help while bored at work!
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    Fast and friendly answers , really good guy's . Thank you for your time spend on it

    PS: Askme anything you want to test on my chars (3 60's WD - 1 60 Wizard - 1 60 Barb - Few low lvl's)
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    This looks promising. I look forward to a release with support for everything.
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    Hi everybody,

    thanks for the positive responses and the interest in our tool. It gives us new motivation to push on.
    If you have suggestions to improve the usability or have feature requests, feel free to use the issues page on Google Code.

    Every feedback is welcome.
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    We shall be cleaning up the build up tumbleweeds in this thread in the near future. Please bear with us for a bit longer for the next update! Remember that we are eager to hear suggestions. So if you wish to add one; please do so on our issues page : )


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    My DPS in the calculator deviates by 15 DPS. Not a lot considering we're in the 66 thousands, but just wanted to add that.

    I guess it's cause the in-game GUI rounds off a lot of numbers on items.
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    Correct. There is a margin of error because we don't know the exact values from in-game data due to rounding, as you said. Perhaps when the D3 API is released we get more accurate values, atleast from items worn by players. It would reduce the margin of error.
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