Which class to farm with high MF?

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    Hey guys,

    sorry if this isn't the right place to ask, but I don't know where else to post it.
    After farming Act3 for weeks now with me DH, I am sick and tired of gear-swapping (~360MF with NV).
    Now I want to start a new class (because I cannot image to archieve the following goal with my DH).

    My goal:
    - Achieving at least 225% MF without companion and NV!
    - Beeing viable to farm Act3 without dying much!
    - My gold-cap to invest on the whole gear is ~ 20M!

    I heard that Wizards a propably a good choice because of Force Armor (no need for Vitality), but maybe you guys have some other advices for me.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Quote from Ghouul

    I heard that Wizards a propably a good choice because of Force Armor (no need for Vitality),

    They changed Force Armor so that you can't do the 0 vit build anymore.
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    hmm, ok. Any other viable classes?
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    with 20 mil i see no way that you can farm a3 AND have such high MF...
    because nowdays MF items are getting REALLY expensive...
    i have about 80MF on my whirlwind+sprint barb (he also has 70k dps).
    i can do a complete a3 run within an hour...
    so maybe you give a barb a try, because you can farm sooooo fast (i guess right now with this build its the fastest farm char - because with sprint and whirlwind you can just run thorugh the mobs and only kill champ packs).
    faster runs = more items (which is actually the same then have INSANE high MF but slow killspeed)
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    Or just run a ww barb and switch to mf gear at 5% on last mob or so. works alright but it ads a few mins to the runs switching gear. but from my testeng those 5 mins more it takes almost doubles my loots from a full clear a3.
    that is with just picking up 61-63 armor, 62-63 weaps.
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    Can you link me a good barb ww guide? I like to know which skills, build and stats i should focus on!
    Thanks a lot!

    Probably its possible to farm act2 with high (200) MF and that build?!
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    Quote from Ghouul

    hmm, ok. Any other viable classes?

    I should begin my post by saying that it all depends on what gear you can find, and adding MF to any set of gear will make it considerably more expensive so it's hard to give advice on that, now to the point at hand...

    Just because the imba force armor was nerfed doesn't mean wiz is a bad choice now. It's not like it was nerfed into being bad, it was "nerfed" to being in line where it should be, 90% of good wizards still use energy armor but you tend to start with force rune at low gear and then transition into prismatic rune once your gear is good, then pinpoint rune (5%crit) when you're gear is OP for the content you're clearing.

    To be a bit more focused on the point, wizard is still a great choice because they have some of the best kiting skills. As if to directly contradict my last point though, i've found the windup spec to be quite amazing and all you really need is crit, 20ish % is viable, 25% is very stable, 40+ % is retarded awesome. Obviously with the spec being entirely crit based the result is that +crit dmg makes a big difference in your output but it's certainly not neccesary for the base viability of the build, only to speed up clears. The crit chance though is what makes the build survive because it's entirely based on Critical Mass enabling you to spam diamond skin and frost nova for protection.

    End rant, begin information.

    The spec I use to comfortably clear 5stack SB runs: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#VQXYhO!gUW!YYaccc
    *note that the reason for cold blooded passive is that it's currently bugged to still deal extra damage from all forms of damage when the target is nova'd, which should be 95% of the time. Temporal Flux is a flexible slot that can be changed out for whatever works best for you, i use TF to help when i need to run around and "work" the elites more

    Amazing source/vids for aforementioned playstyle: http://www.windupwizard.com/
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    So are you two best choices Barb and Wizard?
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    barb seems to be cheapest choice and most viable in a3 with mf gear but maybe u would go as tank instead of ww/sprint u will die less
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    Wait till 1.04.

    But if you can't wait, Monk with a standard high crit / high attack speed Cyclone build (sweeping wind-cyclone) is hands-down the best/most efficient farmer. You can melt stuff within your 4-second invincible skill (short cooldown) with 40k+ dps so never dieing (shielding takes longer). Defensive stats needed are like 450/4500 once you reach 30kish dps so it's really not expensive unless you want 275+ MF (no stacks).
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    I've take quite some time to think about this one myself. I have two 60's currently (WD and Barb), but neither one imo is very suitable for the "high magic-find," role on any kind of budget. Tornado builds may well be some of the most efficient ways to get started in act3 and clear it the first go round, but in order to make act3 farming viable, not horrendously long, and kitted with MF gear you would need a bank-roll in the hundreds of millions (if not over a billion) in gold. The WD is quite similar, although the class really has no comparable spec to sprint/ww and the trouble becomes spending umpteen million gold just to break the "kill elite packs before they kill me," barrier. I suspect that will change in 1.0.4, but in the interim that class is clearly out.

    So that leaves the DH, Wizard, and Monk.

    The wizard has some amazing build options, but in my estimation you would still need to spend plenty of gold on primary stat + AR + MF gear, which brings the question of cost up even if it is leaps and bounds cheaper than astronomically high barbarian gear of a similar level. In my estimation the real contenders are the Monk and DH.

    Both classes can be geared up for literally nothing, an evening of act1 vendor-trash could provide gear to a small army of monks thanks to their OwE passive. Similarly, a DH can simply buy up cheap dex gear and forget defensive stats exist, provided of course they have some twitch reflexes to manage the hectic playstyle.

    Personally, I've found that the DH is a lot of fun, but in my advanced age I can't be certain how successful I would be at kiting for hours at a time. So I chose the monk.
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    So, I managed to buy a full set of gear with 238MF (with companion) for round about 30M gold, beeing able to farm Act3 (with 30k DPS buffed) as a WW/Tornado Barb.

    It was also doable with my previous 20M gear, but my DPS was 10k lower, which turned some fight into endless battles ^^

    Something to note: I played 200h on my DH, swapping gear (360MF with Valor) and never seen a Set piece.
    With my barb (lvl60 for a week now) I've seen 3 set pieces so far.
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