On-hit item affix effect duration

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    I am wondering how long the "proc" effects from various item affixes such as "stun on hit", "freeze on hit", etc. last. I am aware that durations are reduced and capped for elites (source). What I would like to know is what the base durations are prior to reduction. I haven't been able to find this information; has anyone seen it anywhere? Thanks!

    Quaestor the Wanderer
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    the values in the guide is the minimum needed for them to not be immune. i know for a fact that i can stun / freeze diablo inferno with my chance on hit items so with his

    Name: Inferno Boss
    Stun Resist: 70%
    Stun Minimum: 0,5 sec
    Root Resist: 50%
    Root Minimum: 0,5 sec
    Move Slow Resist 40%
    Attack Speed ER 65%
    Knockback Minimum: 21 yards

    so the minimum durration a stun/freeze can last on him is 0,5 secs, so the minumum durration for chance on hit stun/freeze duration is 1,67 sec as 30% of 1,67 is 0,5, so we know that for a fact. and i dont belive its longer then 5 second
    So the duration on chance on hit stun freeze is somewhere 1,67 sec and 5 sec.

    also bosses cant be feared but elite/champion packs can.
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    does the level of the mob affect it?
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    not as far as i can tell, could possibly be some general reduction per difficulty. but the guide dont say anythign about regular/white mobs so i guess there is non
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