Life on hit - how does it accualy work?

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    So recently there have been a lot talking about life on hit weapons, and how good they accualy are. Personaly I am a little concerned that they are not accualy as good as the tooltip says.

    Let's take for example a weapon that deals +500 life per hit. Lets say I cast n AoE that hits 20 mobs in the process. Does it mean it will accualy restore 10.000 life?

    Does the strengh of hit accualy matter? If I cast a spell that leaves a fiery ground, does every tick restores 500 HP?

    Another thing is those hits have to come from my character or it also counts for my minions, summons? If a WD summons fetish army, does it mean every summon restores his life? Also what about Wizards Hydra ? Does it resore life too?

    All and all if anwsers to this questions are even partialy possitive, then it means that Life on Hit is extremly overpowered...
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    Damage does not matter, life on hit always returns the amount regardless of damage. However, you cannot get life on hit when the 'immune' text pops up (i.e. shield, invunerable minions).

    As for what counts as 'hit'... it is clearly not everytime a damage number pops up. As far I can call, 'hit' is basically defined as 'usage of attack skill and have it actually hit something'. So all AES will only count as one hit, regardless of how many monsters are actually hit.
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    Each spell has its own coefficent for how big part of LoH works. Primary single target spells and auto attacks are the only ones that benefit 100% from LoH if I recall correctly. Blizzard for example gets 2% of your LoH per pick per target. There's a list somewhere on reddit.
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    For wizards specifically the list of coefficients can be found here:
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    Hi guys, let me post this here instead of making another thread.

    I've been wondering in regard to this. How does a weapon with decent dmg and good rolled stats match up vs LoH weapons (considering LOH weapons don't usually carry the best extra stats).

    How important is this whole LOH thing for Barbs & Monks really, or are people just making to much about this?

    Take this weapon for instance:

    To me this seems like a nice 1 handed weapon with decent dmg & quite nicely rolled stats, or am I wrong?

    Then you have something like this:

    Decent dmg, nice LoH & extra attack speed (which is good for Loh), but obviously no other stats to speak of.

    How does the 2 really compare? What would you go for and why?

    To me LoH seems nice, specially for boss fights, but that LoH is not going to save you from the crazy dmg that some mobs and elites can dish out in a matter of seconds... So in that case stats would be cool.
    (pls don't tell me LoH with good stats on as you don't really seem them around much, if ever and would obviously be crazy amounts)

    Hope some of you can help. Thanks :)
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    I think most barbarians/monk are trying to get enough LoH and IAS, to reach the equilibrium state where you gain as much life from LoH as you lose due to mob damage. Since life steal is pretty shitty for the damage numbers we're currently seeing and HPS generally preforms much worse than LoH when you get sufficient IAS it's their preferred method of regaining life mid fight without relying on health globes.

    I don't have much experience with it myself as I'm mainly playing a wizard. But I believe most of the "top end" players are going for LoH. So it's a well known strategy that has been shown to work. That usually means loads of people want to try it.
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    What they said.

    I just wanted to add, that LoH is really only worth it once you get 2 attacks per second. Or at least 1.9ish. Before then it usually won't keep up. And you want a decent amount of it as well. I've seen some people say 600, but others say as high as 1k or more. I'm no where near the attack speed needed, so I haven't really been worrying about the LoH yet not to mention that the weapons and rings and amulets that have it are insanely expensive.

    It's just the really popular method right now. But I'm thinking that there are other ways to get the survivability that you need in later acts of Inferno, just no one has figured them out yet. But this is certainly a method that works if you have the gold to get what you need.

    If your not a melee class though, I wouldn't worry about it.


    Personally I would find it hard not to use that spear, especially if I had the attack speed to make it worth it, that's a good chunk of life on hit. But it all really depens on the rest of your gear. If you happen to have even more LoH on your gear it raises the value of that spear. The reverse of that would be if your still only around say 1.6 attacks per second or lower, then the axe would probably be better for you.

    If you are a barb, I would say that axe is better then the spear either way. Barbs have plenty of ways of getting health back that are less CD reliant then Monks, and seems like they are in general a bit tankier naturally, while Monks get it from their abilities and cycling their CD's. But if you are a Monk, then it's a bit tougher to say. But that's just my opinion, and I really don't know much about Barbs so I could be off on that as I'm only like half way through NM on mine, but my Monk is in Inferno.

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    does ias / APS really increase your loh healing over time? has someone made testing about this?!

    I made like a 10 minute test and while i keep a steady 700 loh on my caracter sheet when mit aps / ias goes up pmy RECIEVED healing goes down. If i am at 1 aps i recieve 700 healing per hit, if i go up to 1.55 aps i only recieve about 450 health per hit. suggesting that loh does not benefit from ias (never testet on different ias levels recieved healing is cut by the same amount as you have ias)
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    Life steal is reduced by 80% in Inferno but do not change depending on your skill.

    Life on hit is reduced by the skill you use. (Faster skills and AoE skills reduce the amount of heal per hit.)
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