Act 1 - 70k gold for 15 mins run

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    I did a small video , just a test one doing a gold farm run. What i do is go for fast 5x valor buffs and then on to the Royal Crypts breaking ashes. I use my Full dps gear while going for the valor buffs and then I switch to my gold find gear. Both my gear are not very good and also I am really fragile in my dps build so depending on the situation/distraction i might sometimes die as it happens twice in this video ( didnt hurt my run time though ). My run is 15 mins and I did 70k gold. I am sure there are strategies for more gold per hour but this one is fun and also includes fighting some bosses so you might get something nice out of the bosses.
    Sorry for the bad quality.

    Here is my 2nd run
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    Nice little vids will give it a whirl now. What build are you using for your templar?
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    Certainly not bad, and very nice idea, but I prefer to farm for items myself. I know for sure I dont get 70k / 15 min, or per 30 minutes for that sake, but me getting 5 stacks as a bad geared Wizard, do i just not see happening :P
    But thanks for sharing!
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    that's terrible to be honest. In that amount of time you can kill butcher with 5 stacks and make way more of 1 item.
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    @beserklover yes, you could. but there is a great chance that the butcher and the elite/champion packs before him drop only crap. So you might get lucky or not. His method does not depend that much on luck
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    you could also get a 3million gold item - I think butcher runs are much better overall
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    How did you get that special yellow glow around your curser, that would help the hell out of me when I lose it on teh screen??
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    Crit dmg > atk speed, you'll just drain all your hatred in an instant if u stack too much atk speed, try to balanced them.. like 2-3 items with atk speed and rest crit dmg.
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