The 4 man 'meatgrinder' melee team

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    After a boring sat night me and a few buddies were hanging out and the 3 friends I plant o play D3 with were there. We made some nice progress on figuring out who would play which class and fill what role. We figured out that everyone wanted to play a melee class to begin with. At first we thought a a party with 4 different classes was best but playing the class you want is more important. So it looks like out team is going to consist of 2 monks and 2 barbs.

    We also really disliked the idea of classes being forced to take a tottally defensive or offensive cliche roles. We wanted to be able to only slightly modify the builds to work well solo. The reason for this is that you will be looking for gear to help improve qualities of your builds (ie. attack speed or +crit%) and we would like our main items to work in the team and solo. This meant every class had to be complete yet it had to still work well with the othr classes.

    So what we went for is 4 very independant classes that also have skills that that benefit the team. It took a while but after a lot of playing around (using 2 computers there was some extreme analysis yesterday) we managed to also make 4 classes with some personality aswell, enough style at least to make everyone happy to play that style of class.

    Here is the team:

    'The beserker' barb!cYh!bYZcac

    This the the leader of the pack, the rest of the team helps it turn on beserkers rage and then all the fighting happens around him. This build looks like it will have consistenly high dps and it can manage to keep itself alive as well. This class had no side roles it just hacks away and it is the foundation of the pack, when other chars have fulfilled their roles they should run back and fight beside the beserker.

    The person who is playing this class says he will look to use a two handed sword. The weapon decisions ont he classes was a personal one, each person will use the weapon they want.

    'The Judge' barb!eZY!bbZbac

    This class had to be built around the fact that my friend is dead set on using 2 handed hammers (IK set). The goal of this glass is to provide beastly hits, if there is a monster that needs to be killed now this class will do it. It will chase down caster types and pummel them and it will also try to trigger the exploding palms of one of the monks. It can also work with one of the monks (thunderclap) to take down pesky casters with it's vanguard speed. Frenzy + 2-H hammer is going to be fun times. This build is a killer but it lacks defense and relys ony the other players for def, ex it needs the monks to stay alert and keep it alive.

    'bottomless silence' monk!Ycd!cZbcZb

    This monk build is my class for the group. It only provides the team with health. It has a very similar role as the judge. It will use thunderclap to teleport and fight specific units and help the hammer barb quickly if he runs into trouble. I figure I can skip out on some defense if Im good with the teleporting micro, my defense will be running away. Also the build's main focus is to have a lot of spirit and very efficient ways to use it, efficiency is the reason I have both an AOE skill (empowered wave) and a single target (hand of ytar). Teleporting also allows me to take advantage of every possible exploding palm becaus exploding palms will be so vital for inferno. Anytime I have to wait for the party I'll be saving up spirit (into my 250 spirirt pool) to unleash some damage

    I either want to dual wield fist weapons to get even more spirit regenration but if I am lacking on defence this build will require a shield.

    'Rookie' monk!fXV!YYYbcZ

    This firend has the elast experience with diablo hence the name. The build looks very balnced the goal of this class is to just play beside the beserker all the time and drops scorpion stings to stun enemies infront of the beserker. Circle of protection will be for those unavoidable periods where enemies are dealing a lot of damage. This monk has the guiding light skill and since it stays near the beserker you know where it wil be if you want the buff. The cooldowns on the defensive skills resulted in seven-sided strike and beacon of ytar being chosen.

    There isn't much of a weapon preference for this build but my friend said he will choose 1 handed axes and maces as they are usually cheaper than a equal quality sword.

    As of right now this looks to be our team's trajectory. I think the team aslo has potential to do well in pvp without many changes. The hammer barb and teleport monk can slow enemies down and everyone gangs up on them.
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