Nephalem Valor and magic find

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    Ok so i have read that in patch 14 they put "Nephalem Valor" which increases your magic find by killing rare and elite bosses.Also i read that in patch 15 the stacks of mf you gained from killing rare/elite monsters reset your "Nephalem Valor" if you switch skills.

    I haven't seen any change in stats when i killed rare/elites nor when i switched skills.Is this a hidden mechanism that adds a secret mf boost to your char and do we know the percentage rare/elites give?Is it worth to spend hours to find rares/elite than farming the same boss over and over?
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    The article explaining it will be up shortly.

    It should quieten those who were complaining about "builds", because it appears that if you want to maximise MF, you need to spend an entire session exploring an entire act, killing champions/unique enemies without skill swapping.

    I think it sounds great :Thumbs Up:
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    Ya I'm excited for this system to be revealed.

    I'm curious as to whether they've made it a +mf% buff, or if instead it gives +mf% for specifically only the next boss you kill. (Not necessarily end act bosses, but the obvious ones like SK, if they're are more like him.)

    Also I wonder if the Nephalem Valor buff will drop off when you kill the next boss, or if it persists until you either swap skills or leave the game.

    Exciting stuff!
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    Yep, a very smart fix to their problem. OT, I'm not in the beta so I haven't seen the stat screen but I think since they're showing all other types of % counts on stats they'd do well to add the Nephalem Valor count as well.
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    The implication from Bashiok was that this would make it worth clearing all the champions and random bosses before moving on to the main act end boss. So perhaps it stacks but doesn't carry over from Act to Act.

    Also it resets if you swap skills.
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