Calculating chance of crafting "Perfects"

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    Quote from octancz

    from patch 13 notes:

    The following affixes now have a chance to appear twice when crafting items:
    • Min damage
    • Max damage
    • All Elemental damage types

    It looks like elemental dmg can only be on weapons and offhands and min/max dmg on weapons, rings and amulets. The only of them craftable are weapons and offhands. Now since my favorite class in every game is wizzard I go for wand with + ele dmg + ele dmg + min dmg + min dmg + max dmg + max dmg. At least before someone does some elegant math to prove me wrong

    Those pants with double slow were 99,9% bug but now we know that double stats are not shown separately but together

    English is not my language.

    Does not mean it has to be a bug, have you crafted enough in patch 12 and prior to eliminate the on hit and other affixes already being able to appear twice? This is a change to damage affixes >now
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