Creating your class build - What to look out for

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    Hello everyone,

    For a long time now, the skill calculator has been up. A lot of people are pushing out builds/specs screaming out 'final version!' and what not.
    My question to everyone here: "What do you need to look out for when creating a build?"

    I understand the basic concepts of survivability to damage output, but what are specific things your favourite class needs to watch out for?

    Feel free to post your build and explain yourselves.

    Much regard,

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    Personally, what I look out for is synergies and specializations. I plan out my characters around a specific couple of skills and will focus the entire build around it. I am not a believer of "Jack of all trades".

    For Example, my Barbarian is going to be focused on Whirl Wind as a skill. Focusing on having Fury generating to keep Whirl Wind going at all times. (I think the gold rune isn't complete for whirlwind, it will have some reduced cost, but how much yet I think is still unknown.)

    I think it is important to figure out what it is you are aiming to do, and then focus your build towards it. After that you can focus your gear towards that class also.

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    It's all really based on how you would like to play: I like doing lots of damage over time and avoiding attacks. So in my Witch Doctor build, I focused on lots of heavy damage and mana cost DoT's, then one fairly spammable spell with a golden (usually mana-regen) rune.

    So I have lots of cooldowns and huge mana drains, but then I have a pretty good off-attack to regen my mana.

    I think it is important to figure out what it is you are aiming to do, and then focus your build towards it.

    Like what BombayMD said, pick some sort of specialization or goal, and then start building synergies and picking runes around those one or two skills.
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    Quote from BuitenAardig

    Hello everyone,

    For a long time now, the skill calculator has been up. A lot of people are pushing out builds/specs screaming out 'final version!' and what not.
    My question to everyone here: "What do you need to look out for when creating a build?"

    I understand the basic concepts of survivability to damage output, but what are specific things your favourite class needs to watch out for?

    Feel free to post your build and explain yourselves.

    Much regard,


    Hi Mecca,

    This might be a dull answer but...

    Sadly I will not create the char that I think looks more fun, because I know myself. After a couple of hours played I will just crave for the build, or class, that can help me farm items most efficiently as my first char with crappy gear. Cause, for me diablo has always been about the items, and always will be. So I am looking for survivability, flexibility, damage, kite ability and easy to handle which has led me to the witch doctor.

    But, when I eventually have created my first char I will look for a massive, chaotic, high damagy, insane, cruel, raw, brutal, fanatic and pvp effective barbarian :)

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    Hi Mecca, it's an interesting question that you pose! :)

    I have a general tip which is worth bearing in mind for any build which is being made. I often see builds which don't really think of this too much, but for those looking to optimise their characters, it's important to consider.
    • You can only click one skill at a time.
    Your character can only be doing 1 thing at a time, so having 3 attack skills which are all spammable won't work as you can't use them all at once. :)

    It's important to think about how a combat will work. Maybe an armour or pet skill to throw up before combat starts, one or two main attacks of different damage types (Even better if one is a Dot, or something 'fire and forget') and a few defensive or utility skills for different situations are all important. :)

    It's always useful having a way to generate resources, spend them effectively and save your character from those sticky situations.

    That's my main tip really, don't give yourself too many active attack skills, or you'll find some will never get used! :)
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    When i create my Builds, I examine all the skills, familiarize myself with what they do, since i do not have the beta yet i look over youtube videos that are related to the skills and how they are executed, how much mana/spirit is spent, how long it takes to regain mana to spend on that skills and compare it with other skills. I find the most essential skills, and begin to specialize in what kind of character i would like to be. whether it be a dmg barb, a dodge monk or archon wizard etc. I find what skills combined with the passives compliment each other.
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    Anytime I've tried to make a D3 build I've looked over all the abilities for a class to find the one I want to focus around due to it being powerful or fun (hopefully both). Since this game is fully built around having a resource builder and finisher I then pick out whatever move compliments what I already chose. Since I personally will be running solo mostly I then look for 1 or 2 options that would help my survivability the best. Fill in a resource dump somewhere, then I have that one last spot open for whatever works best with that build. Don't forget to review your passive abilities as well cause you can do builds completely based on those as well.
    Are you sure what side of the glass you are on?
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    Hey there ^.^
    What i look for in a build is a strong solo-aoe dmg one.

    1. Champions and rares has high drop chance for unique items, and they are usually in big cave dungeons with loads of horde packs.
    Fast aoe = clear faster.
    2. Solo = you get all loot, and doesn't have to argue with friends or fight for it.
    3. Even if you went with friends, if you both has strong aoe = clear faster.

    This is not for pvp at all, since im a pve player ^.^
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    I think overall one of the most important things people seem to lack is survivibilty. Most of the builds I've seen are these really glass cannons one. Finding a good balance between both offense and defense is going to be your best bet. I would say having at least 1 - 2 defense CDs, and or a defensive passive as well.
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    I really think we are going to see a lot of evoultion of the abillites like we did in diablo 2. People start off making every build under the sun, and then they find out which ones work best for specific jobs. There will be specific build/charricter combos that will work best for soloing, there will be ones that work best for being in a group (and having differnt jobs) and there will be ones for PvP, which at this point looks like a very secondary feature of the game, as there is no reward system for it as of yet.

    The fastest way to do anything in D2 and in D1 was to do it in a group. It helped to have a tank that enemies could beat on, with a lot of high damage AoE mages blasting away enemies. Since we have no information at all what the rest of the game will look like, its impossible to say that any of these builds will be viable for an endgame charricter. Right now, people are only able to beat part of act 1, and have no idea what kind of challanges they will face later. This can lead to a lot of false strong builds. For example, in D2, I remember a necromancer was great in act 1 if you put lots of points into skellitions. You could summon a large amount of them, they (as a small army) would do pretty well, and you could have a curse or buff to help you finish off enemies. However, when starting act 2, such a build was completely useless as skellitions, no matter how strong they got, could just not hold up against the tougher enemies. I was able to beat the game with a sorc, barb, amazon, pally, but never a necromancer. I just found that there was not any specific great build for him, and just lost intrest in playing.

    You have to keep all this in mind, and really be open minded about how hidden combos can work together, and finding new synergy between things could work.
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    One of the things that the Dev team said is that they want the players to be able to try various diferent and exotic builds, and they made it so that we will be able to make exotic builds viable. So for me, i think ill change my mind a lot when playing, exotic builds tend to be a lot of fun, and i like experimenting with diferent builds. I think everyone, at some point, will tend to try strange builds, and this will be something really interesting to look for in the foruns.
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    I say it depends on which playstyle you're looking for, playing up in front or hiding in the back and shooting from afar (Since I'm playing as a Demon Hunter, both are easily possible). It also depends on if you want to put out mass amounts of damage to 1 monster, or mobs, or split it evenly. Also, to think about resource management, I think you should have at least one skill that helps out your resource regeneration so that constant battle doesn't wear you down very easily. I am going with a very...interesting build, focusing on traps and discipline, and since that's not meant to be easily worked out because of discipline's slow regeneration, there needs to be a good way to manage the discipline with skills and synergies that lower the resource cost, or even regenerate your resource. Resource management, Damage output, and practicality are all very good things to look out for.
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    Thanks for all the great feedback. One last semi-related question:

    Will you start-out on the lower difficulties with a high damage brainfart build or a safer build with more surv.?
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    Quote from BuitenAardig

    Will you start-out on the lower difficulties with a high damage brainfart build or a safer build with more surv.?

    Hard to say. I'll probably be trying out all the skills in the lower difficulties so I can decide which build I will go for after level 30. Currently I'm planning to play a WD heavily based on summons. But since there are so many skills I have never seen in action, I can't say for sure if I will like my build when I can finally test it.
    If I'd knew how all the skills work, I'd go with a high damage build. Why waste time in normal/nightmare if all I want to do is get to hell anyway?
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    When setting up my melee Wizard build, I looked for a couple things:

    1) Survivability was my top priority. As such, I decided Energy Shield and Diamond Skin would be mandatory.
    2) Arcane power regen was another high priority; yellow runed Spectral Blade fills this role nicely.
    3) AoE damage: I decided to take black runed Energy Twister and either Blizzard or Meteor. Blizzard for CC or Meteor for more damage.

    As for the second question, I'll play this build through the easy difficulties so that I can get used to how it plays and it's strengths/weaknesses in different situations.
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    Just be consistent with your build and it cant fail.For example, you know what abilities generate fury, you know what abilities spend fury and you know what cooldowns you have to choose from. Now you just have to find a balance between damage and survivability. It all comes down to what playstyle you have. Do you want sustainable damage or burst? Will you need lots of survivability to suit your playstyle? Will you PvE or PvP?

    My advice is to pick a skill, build around it, combine it with just the right amounts of survivability that suits your needs and you have a viable build. Consistency is the key to almost anything really.
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    Well for my class, Wizard, there were a couple things I looked for.

    1. Screw survivability; Max DPS output. This is because I figured you are dead anyways if you have to worry about survivablity; so I focused more on killing the enemy before it got to me.
    2. Like the above poster Arcane Power Regen. You can't DPS if you don't have energy amirite?
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    For normal I'll make a full damage build without any survivability skills or passives. I don't think normal will need survivability that much. Of course I will first check out and try every ability and try out all kinds of synergies but for normal I really want to get a pure damage build. On nightmare difficulty and later I will try to find a good balance of damage, survivability and utility skills and probably survivability passives. The generators and spenders also have to be balanced.
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    I like to set my WD as dot class with max dmg output from dots. Also need to think about how I want to setup my gear MF > usefull stats or other way around. That will also mean carrying 2 differetn sets of armor.
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    From all the beta videos that I have seen and reading the descriptions of the spells, it seems that to go with too many damage dealers is pointless as you can't spam them all.

    The monk is slightly different in this regard to make combos, so possibly having 3 spirit generators, but otherwise trying to keep it down, on average 2 generators and 2 spenders (or equivalents). Then following this up with 2 passives or situational abilities.

    I think Blizzard has done a great job with only having 6 skills because I feel that I always want one more, and that leads to so many different possible builds that I can't wait to try out.

    I think while leveling I will simply take things as they come and use whats best at the time, only really specialising when the choice becomes good, but probably a head cracking build with high dmg and low survival to hopefully fly through the earlier stages.

    I think learning how to damage is also more important early on, and then replacing the less used skills with the needed survival and then learning how to use them will be better. It'll be hard to learn survival tricks when the mobs are pretty easy.

    Edit: Just to clarify the above paragraph, I am thinking in terms of things like aoe vs single target. I assume the number of mobs in packs will stay roughly the same as the game progresses, but that their damage and hp etc will change.
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