[Video] Things that annoyed me about Reaper of Souls storyline

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    Hey guys,

    I know that D3's storyline isn't the best, but made a little video of a few (12) things that particularly annoyed me while I played through Reaper of Souls

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsHRvli2Etg (SPOILERS)

    Let me know if I got anything wrong or missed something. I restricted myself to knowledge only available in the diablo games (i.e. didn't read books or wiki pages)


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    @#1: If you've been a fan of the series for any amount of time, you know that it's kind of a thing with Tyrael for whatever reason. He only destroyed the Worldstone as a last resort. I think his caution plays into his role as the Aspect of Wisdom now. Destroying the stone that houses every prime evil could carry serious repercussions--apparently, destroying the original soulstones on the Hellforge did not destroy the primes like was previously thought. At least if they're in a rock, you can move them around and know where they are. Until they get stolen, that is :3 But at least they're not acting of their own accord, exactly.

    @#2: The obvious answer (which you know and we all agree is meh) is because #storyreasons. If you could be one-shotted, there would be no story. It would be over. I haven't played through RoS yet, but I'm guessing it's probably because you're a nephalem. That's the general catch-all explanation.

    @#3: Yeah, that's kind of silly.

    @#4: Can't speak for this since I didn't play the expansion yet. I know inThe Black Road, Bramwell is regarded as a crowning achievement in the west for its dense population and thriving economy once Kabraxis' church becomes popular. If it's still a haven of men, it could be strategically useful to destroy it--destroying hope, a center of power, chaos, etc. But I'm guessing none of that was said in-game. The old books aren't viewed as canon by Blizzard, anymore.

    @#5: Lol.

    @#6: More lols. He also has a poor voice actor.

    @#7: Well, in his defense, apparently the vaults of the High Heavens weren't even safe. So safe-guarding it might be a moot point.

    @#8: I would assume that although he remained a mortal at the end of D3, he re-assumed some level of portal or utility when he became the Aspect of Wisdom. I inferred that he resumed a place on the Angiris Council, although arguably that was never specified.

    @#9: Again, story reasons :3 Silly Blizzard.

    @#10: Yep.

    @#11/12: Lol.
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    thanks for the feedback! Definitely some things to think about :)
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    I actually lol'd for some of these points, but yeah, you have right. :-)
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